the best movies of all time Online Watch Recommendations

the best movies of all time Online Watch Recommendations

There are movies we are never seventy of. Even if we haven’t seen them yet, they are part of our lives and our culture, so what makes the movie included in the best movie list of all time Live Streaming with Featured Movie Recommendations Netflix VOD Free Online. First article in the series the best movies of all time Online Watch Recommendations

ET friens from another star 1984 first aliens we liked

He went through galaxies just to reflect to us that in every living being, human or alien, there is a great soul and within it, side by side love, joy, sadness alongside longing and supreme value of boundless friendship.

et go home et come home

et go home et come home

ITS first movie in which friends from another world are closest to us in every sense except for the pitiful appearance of Slow and this is the poster that lasted the most on my childhood wall. The immortal legal from the movie ET GO HOME has become a coin to anyone who wants to return home from a distance. Excellent movie for direct viewing. I watched the ET movie several times and probably if I want to get excited again with my children or a beautiful woman by my side, I will watch it again.


The Godfather Part 1972 The first part of Marlon Brando buys our world

Mario Puzo didn’t really intend to write a trilogy, but he created a knot of films that will stay with us forever. He brought together the duo de Niro and Pacino (despite not meeting on the set at Godfather) and the rest of history.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The Corleone family’s story through the Italian mafia life in the United States The loss of innocence shattered the good hope with strong action and surprises until the last moment. The Godfather for Direct Viewing with Hebrew Translation is a must-see movie for any movie lover. Highly recommended.


sessions of the third 1977 effects from another world

In 1977, Spielberg changed the movie’s reunion with aliens once and for all with the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind Although there have been quite a few encounters with aliens on the movie screen and we have even gone as far as the 3D mythological avatar, this film remains as a gospel reporter that meeting with extraterrestrials will not necessarily be a reunion of members of the university.

The film Encounters of the Third Kind is included in the list of recommended films mainly thanks to its continuing influence on popular culture from the late 1970s to the third decade of the 2000s.

1998 State Enemy Will Smith and Jane Hackman are a bad duo

Enemy of the State brought a number of Oscars to the screen along with Grammy winner Will Smith and together they created in 1988 a temporary film that stands the test of political and social change and strangely also with the advancement of technology and smartphones with surf packages. In a rhythmic film with a great deal of good humor,

the National Security Agency’s agents attempt to evade a tape documenting the murder of a congressman. Lots of fine tension and excellent acting from the sub-actors. Highly recommended for evening viewing with Hebrew translation and good refreshments

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005 Willie Vanke and Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp in his life role (yes, despite Jack Sparrow) brought chocolate and dentistry back to center stage with never-to-be-forgotten songs and the most fun to hum. A movie is recommended for all ages and especially if you want to bring good humor and mood into a romantic evening with even having fun with the kids at home.

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