Time travel video is possible

Time travel video is possible

A 1938 video showing a woman holding an accessory that looks like a cellphone while on call The woman has never been identified, thus preventing us from identifying the time traveler for more videos on Time Travel Click Here Time Travel Video Is Possible

coincidence or ear itch

One of the important videos supporting what appears to be a journey of time was filmed in 1929 and came online long before the Deep Pike technology that sometimes makes us see reality differently. It stars quite a bit when something wants us to see reality in a different way or believe in an ideal that is not close to reality.

1929 Man over the South Pole 

What is so special about 1929? What an occasion that led to people looking at an old video of a woman who is apparently in the ear or keeping the earring that would not fall for her. . And this year on November 29, Richard Bird became the first person to fly over the South Pole.

The South Pole and the Arctic play an important role in determining the course of time and direction of the Earth’s rotation. Therefore, it is no wonder that this year humans began to foster hopes for a time-travel or transitional one.

It has been almost 100 years since then and there is still no official evidence of time travel except for watch games on transatlantic flights that were known for many years but have never been declared a peer trip in time. One that can be traced back to major events from the dawn of history.

The five events for a journey through time travel

My birthday is how I came to the world
The world before humanity what exactly was here and how the dinosaurs became extinct
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