Results 2020 elections Israel History repeats itself

Results 2020 elections Israel History repeats itself

It was a tense and noisy election campaign. But make a mistake when you read Results of the 2020 elections in Israel. The Israeli voter stood alongside the candidate whom he sees as leading and representing the public’s opinion, and the figure makes his voice absent from the courts and the media.

Results 2020 elections Israel History repeats itself

Results 2020 elections Israel History repeats itself

History repeats itself

Israeli voter is a heterogeneous type and very difficult to characterize. On the one hand, he lives in the most successful and powerful Western country in the Middle East. The only democracy from the Far East to Europe.

On the other hand, the history of the young israel has a direct impact on voters and the results of elections in Israel. These are historical socioeconomic processes that will not always be linked to current economic situation.

Comparison of elections in the United States
Republicans = Binmin Netanyahu Party
Democrats = Gantz Party

mmigrants from the Middle East and the lack of a candidate of non-European origin

Israel is culturally divided into two main parts of its Jewish citizens.

Jews from European countries, called Ashkenazi, represent the left-wing side of the map, the social democratic, LGBT communities and social pluralism. They are economically benefited by the German government’s post-Holocaust compensation.

They are considered the population group that controls the media and the courts through the courts and the prosecutor’s office.

Whether this is true or not, this opinion is a shock to the public and anyone who does not belong to the same group will never vote for one of the parties that represents it.

deprivation of Middle Eastern Jewry

Most of the Jews originating in the Middle East belong to this group. This population group, rightly or not, still holds a sixth principle in Israel, another group of the population that will never receive it equitably, as it receives, for example, the non-Jewish citizens of Israel.

2020 elections Israel History repeats itself Conclusions and the prospect of a fourth round How the results in Israel will affect elections in USA

Israel Election results 2020

Benjamin Netanyahu has 37 seats
Benny Gantz has 32 seats
Religious Jewish parties have 25 seats
Avigdor Lieberman 6 seats
The Arab parties have 18 seats
The Israeli Left Party has 4 seats
A total of 120 seats with a majority for the Israeli Republican bloc

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