Husni Mubarak is dead and with him the hope of order in the Middle East

Husni Mubarak is dead and with him the hope of order in the Middle East

After the death of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, another hope for peace in the Middle East died. One of the most important and practical people in the Middle East has passed away, leaving a huge shadow on the remaining leaders. History of those who started as a general in the October war and maintained regional peace.

Husni Mubarak is dead and with him the hope of order in the Middle East

Husni Mubarak is dead and with him the hope of order in the Middle East

Not every day we write an article about contemporary political personality on the site. Especially if it was a bit controversial. But Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, was much more than a politician. He was a leader who understood the cunning structure of contemporary Arab society. Alongside it, he stated, clearly and not openly, that the peace agreements between Israel and Egypt were maintained.

He was at times the head of the Arab nation and knew how to take a hard hand between the turbulent currents in the Middle East. Once in a good word, once in a strong hand and once in a war.

Husni Mubarak grew out of the Egyptian army and became Vice-President Anwar Sa’adat who drafted the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

Although he fought with Israel (always lost) I loved his image and the quietness he radiated. There was someone to trust. Beyond the fluent Arabic language and its impressive appearance.


A lover of order and discipline and then charged with crime against the nation

Mubarak was the leader of the Middle East for more than twenty years. He controlled the area by hand. Quite a few Israeli citizens considered him a worthy leader, even when he favored the cold peace. He had no emotional urge, everything calculated and with a definite purpose – a military security order and food for the residents.

RIP Dear friend

Decaying Africa accidentally called the Spring of the Arab World has made Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak the defendant behind bars. World leaders abandoned it and adopted a reign of terror on the spot.

A combination of luck, the failure of power and a collection of elements that have been successful have managed to pass this rule over the glorious Egyptian nation. Peace-loving and fighting for its economic existence, in the light of Egypt’s magnificent history.

I admit that when a person pinched my heart every time I saw on screen a noble Husni Mubarak in forbidden clothes, he was going to trial in a cage. The world owes him a lot. Anyone knows a secret about Middle East security can tell you.

On such a sad evening, I send you my love, dear Hosni Mubarak, to you and rest in peace on your bed. The world will remember you only the good.

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