Where is the ark of the covenant today

Where is the ark of the covenant today

Speculation about the existence and existence of one of the sacred and historical objects captivated the imagination of history and believers. Where is the ark of the covenant today  




Made of acacia and gold plated, carried by carefully selected role holders, on a method tree that is also gold-plated. Wrapped in a mysterious and terrifying sacred shrine and inside it is cast in mysterious faith and powers. The diamond in the crown of the Jewish kingdom.

After the destruction of the first Temple, the Ark of the Covenant disappeared, as if the earth had swallowed it, and since then humanity, or at least some of it, has been seeking it around the world. Like the Holy Grail, he also won movies, the Third Reich coveted him. And half a world hopes that it will now be discovered on the oak island. who knows ? Maybe …

Anyone who walks down the alleyways of Jerusalem’s ancient center and visits the souvenir shops cannot be ignored. In the past year, replicas of the Ark of the Covenant can be purchased at any souvenir shop in Israel. Different sizes and examples of the imagination hand turn into a bird’s wing and take off for thoughts of a world of magic. 

Maybe Queen of Sheba who came took him to Ethiopia

The Queen of Sheba is one of the enigmatic characters in the Bible. It is special not because it appears in the three scriptures of Christianity and Islam, not even in the Ethiopian epic script, the cherry is biting.

The queen called Ethiopia came to visit King Solomon. He was considered a wise man and had about 1000 women. It is doubtful that the King knew all his wives, but between him and the mysterious Queen who crossed the Red Sea an even more mysterious relationship was formed from her enigmatic figure.

Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba

Half and half 

King Melnick was later born of this relationship, according to the letter. Shlomo gave the queen his ring seal before she left. If the Queen of Sheba received only a ring and a belly fruit? Various sources try to argue, while reconstructing parts of facts and hypotheses, that she took the Ark of the Covenant with her.

After traveling in ancient Africa, the weary coffin found its abode in one of the most mysterious places in the world – Our Lady Church of Miriam Mirzion in the ancient city of Exum in Ethiopia. The object or closet or object is zealously guarded by a blind person. No seer and no researcher.

Imitations and copies designed to protect the original

The Ark of the Covenant was not only a valuable religious object, it was the emblem of the Jewish kingdom. He was the protector and liaison to the Creator who connected the realm of all the peoples around them. Therefore, it is likely that the wardrobe’s capabilities not only went far, but mainly aroused those who coveted it.

What does someone who holds Rolex watches and gems or gold as part of his wealth? He holds another set of replicas and imitations in the hope that the seven burglars theft will turn to the cheap treasure and in his hands will remain the treasure.

Because Deceit is essential in warfare

Israeli Mossad slogan. book of The proverbs of Solomon. This verse left a long legacy for the Jew. In the absence of an army and the migration between countries, there was no other choice. And if there is anything that knows how to apply this insight, it is none other than the prophet Jeremiah.

Just like the cardboard jets in the movie – Eye of the Needle, it is likely that like any expensive item, the Ark of the Covenant had copies designed to protect the original. Just like a stuntman in an adventure movie designed to keep the well-known and well-known actor.

Is it possible that in the ancient world, with the intention of keeping the original, a number of replicas were built for the Ark of the United States? In order to keep the original object? Definitely could be. As far as I understand – there certainly were.

Pirates of the Lost and Unoriginal Box

The Book of Hasmoneans is one of the most fascinating historical books among those who did not enter the Bible. It is called an external book. He has a lot of controversy about him and is mainly about the rebel Hasmonean kingdom and the wars waged against the Seleucid kingdom.

The same book tells that the prophet Jeremiah, who lived between the destruction of the First Temple and the destruction of the Second Temple, fearing that the sacred objects would fall into the hands of a foreign occupier and desecrated, hid the ark in a cave on Mount Nebo. The place from which Moses viewed the Land of Israel. The location of Mount Nebo, like Mount Sinai and the Ten Commandments is not really known. In contrast to biblically identified places.

Is it possible that Jeremiah hid several copies of the Ark of the Covenant in several places. Definitely. A prophet was at that time a man of higher intelligence than average, sometimes a military military and most of the time a spiritual leader of the people, who communicated between the Creator and the people.

On the way to Jerusalem between the desert and the sea

The Judean Desert is the most mysterious and beautiful place in Israel. The last border between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Envious and lonely prophets have populated it for years. Some of them wrote the sheltered scrolls known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

From time to time, even today, spectacular discoveries of mysterious gold vessels have been hidden there over the years. The desert, unlike a damp cistern off the coast of Nova Scotia, is an ideal preservation tool to hide metal-coated wooden objects. So maybe there, in the cave that was unleashed on it, a kind of man is hidden, resting somewhere, a gold-plated cupboard, and waiting, waiting for his own salvation.



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