fauda season 3 episode 4 explained

fauda season 3 episode 4 explained

The plot of the series becomes complicated and fascinating. Fauda Season 3 Episode 4 For Direct View Full Episode Yes Also thanks to the personal life of the characters in the series, on both sides. Thus, Pauda became a direct viewing of the most successful Israeli series in the world.

fauda season 3 episode 4 explained WATH FREE

fauda season 3 episode 4 explained WATH FREE

How the reality of the Middle East has built the series and the interaction between Fouda on screen and reality and back or in fauda season 3 episode 6

Now it’s official – fauda season 4 netflix release date- Full episodes coming soon

In war as in war

A lot of spy and war series try to touch the personal and human side of the heroes. At the end of a work day, they return to the home and there they become meat and there. With human weaknesses. At home with the kids and your wife no one cares what you know how to do at work. The main thing is that you know how to operate the washing machine. But Season 3 Pauda heroes pay double the price for their work. There is some truth to that as well, because it is part of the series’ wetness. The lone warrior who saves the Middle East and the enemies from themselves.

The geography of Israel and the Palestinian Authority

The Land of Israel is almost impossibly divided. Throughout the country, the state of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, rules. At one end of the Egyptian border is Hamas rule and along the border with the descended kingdom of PA.

Judea and Samaria are more beautiful and fierce and more miserable and with growth potential

Throughout my years of service in the Israel Defense Forces, I served in both areas of the Palestinian Authority. Judea and Samaria and in the Gaza Strip. In none of them did I lick honey. And yet, I always preferred to serve in Judea and Samaria.

The physical distance between Gaza, the refugee colony, Hebron and Nablus created not only a geographical gap, but mainly a cultural and social gap. The differences in the living and vegetation landscape over the years have even caused differences in the menu and food.

While Judea and Samaria operate luxurious hotels, cafes and entertainment complexes, in poor Gaza (by choice, ignorance and volition) there is no trace of a good life. There is no hope and especially no one will dream of a better future.

Die for war machines fauda season 3 episode 6

For years, a certain area of ​​Gaza was known for the excellent strawberries that were grown there and exported all over the world. However, since Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip, the growing of strawberries by the local parts has stopped and the greenhouses have taken underground tunnels. So it’s no wonder that in Episode 4 Season 3 Pauda’s narrative of hopelessness continues.

Lack of hope creates frustration and it causes almost everyone to have unexpected behavior. Even co-operation with the enemy.

And only the innocent will continue to pay the price

So the continuation of the series is expected to be much more turbulent in terms of the characters Each will take its actions to deal with the impossible situation

One will take action to return to his home that no longer wants himHe will try to save family dignity, at all costs, even at the cost of innocent lives

The other will try to stop him while his personal life falls apart


Background music for the video – Om Kulthum told Omri about the longing for what could have been and never happened and never will. Just like a new Middle East.


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