Season7 Episode 9 eye for an eye Update

 Season7 Episode 9 eye for an eye Update

No longer talking about locating treasure, especially about solving a mystery. Oak Island’s new season is what we’ve been waiting for for years to come.  If there’s anything that characterizes the current season, it’s realism.Season 7 Episode 9 eye for an eye Recup

 Season7 Episode 9 eye for an eye Update oak island

Season7 Episode 9 eye for an eye Update oak island

So what have we had so far?

It turned out that the Swamp is the battery or water wall that feeds the artesian well that creates money pit flooding.

More than ever, the team is close to discovering the true location of the money pit

money pit was discovered oak 2020

money pit was discovered oak 2020

The mystery only intensified with the strange wooden structures at Smith Cove

Each clue only adds to the mystery. I still can’t tell if it’s a good edit, but I definitely have a feeling the lagina brothers are closer to solving the oak island puzzle than ever.

Gary Drayton is the star of the series. He not only reveals important findings but also knows their value immediately upon discovery.

gary strikes again back to the templars

After the previous season, a theory emerged that the Treasury was linked to the US Civil War. This season we return to the Templar Treasure narrative.

Anyone interested in the subject has good reasons to support this theory. A few years ago I visited Scotland. The first place we went  was Roslyn Church.

rosslyn chapel secretsrosslyn chapel secrets

rosslyn chapel secrets

In reality it is a much modest place. Little. Narrow dimensions. And unlike the physical size, it leaves you a seal. Mystery and fear. Feeling something very important was happening there. But you better not find out.

The corn decorations on the rosslyn chapel walls bring me back to the backwater cross that Gary Drayton discovered in Season 5.

Opposite Findings. Corn in Scotland, a lead cross on the coast of Nova Scotia. I have a good feeling that solving a mystery or K Island is closer than ever. 2020 is our year

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