money pit was discovered or just a hole in the ground

money pit was discovered or just a hole in the ground

Let’s start with a quote by Pink Floyd, from the song Time. Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town. Now we will wait patiently if this is the discovery of the new decade that started in 2020 whether the money pit was discovered or just a hole in the ground

oak island mystery finally solved 2020

I would very much like to write to you that here is the mystery. I have been following her for almost forty years now. Long before there was internet and much before you knew the lagina brothers.

On the other hand, the impression is that this is the first time the cursed island treasury system has been working systematically. Therefore, upon discovering the shaft that is probably attributed to Daniel McGinnis, on whom the beginning of the riddle is recorded. I develop expectations for a great discovery.

money pit was discovered oak 2020

money pit was discovered oak 2020

Explain the mystery of the money pit or maybe artesian well

After the episodes of Season 7 Curse Island Curse can finally be given an explanation of what exactly is going on in money pit.
It follows the principle of an artesian well. Only now that water sources have been discovered. Water trenches from the swamp that operate as kind of infinite fresh water.

The water course works like this, water from the swamp arrives according to the principle of interlocking vessels to the money pit and, after reaching a certain height, they gather into the sea, via hidden canals under Smith cove.

Will the change in thought lead to a huge discovery?

If, so far, the theory leads to a version that water comes from the sea or from a close source, the ray is already clear today. The water reaches the shaft, through canals discovered along the island.
It will now be possible to block the water channels and possibly check the shaft without danger of flooding. This will change the nature of the search and tools available to the team.

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