fauda season 1 episode 3 online free watch

fauda season 1 episode 3 online free watch

Includes full explanations welcome to gaza spoilers translation explanations and hidden messages. fauda season 1 episode 3 online free watch

Lior Raz and the Fauda team move to the Gaza Strip. So welcome to gaza Fauda is back for the third season and the premiere reveals the wounds in Israeli society and the one beyond the fence. Everything You Need to Know About Fauda Season 3 Episode 1 Direct Watch Full Episode  Hebrew Translation.

fauda season 3 release date billboards

fauda season 3 release date billboards

The same language is not the same Arabic and not the same food

Forget about what you know about Fauda Season 2. The scene of suspicion is another world, even though it is supposedly about them. It’s a whole different culture

Anyone who has visited or performed military service in the Gaza Strip and in the territories of Judea and Samaria can distinguish between the two types of population and the Arabic dialect in question.

Gaza is much tougher. Much less forgiving even to herself and has always been hopeless. So no wonder that after 2 great seasons, the Richtinig security services decided to move the team to Gaza.

Israel has not had a formal presence in the Gaza Strip for over a decade. In the summer of 2005, led by then-Prime Minister Eric Sharon, the State of Israel separated from the Gaza Strip in a process that tore Israeli society apart. The disengagement from the Gaza Strip not only took a heavy toll, but left wounds in large parts of Israeli society. Politically and security, he fails a total failure.

Incidentally, the food in Gaza is quite different as well, not because of the climate and the terrain that does not allow for massive vegetables such as in Judea and Samaria.

In 2007, the Palestinian Authority lost Gaza to Hamas and the extremist organizations. In the Gaza Strip, unlike Judea and Samaria, Jewish communities are not present.

fauda season 1 episode 3 online free watch

fauda season 1 episode 3 online free watch

As always, reality surpasses any imagination

In 2019, an elite unit of the IDF was discovered during an intelligence operation in Gaza. The purpose of the force, according to world publications, was to embed listening devices. After a few days the force was discovered and began the retreat with the heroic battle. Finally, the force was rescued by a helicopter that managed to land and take off safely while Israel lost a senior officer to the Druze community.

poilers Fauda season 3

In the Palestinian Territory, the security zone has two long-term acquaintances. An abyss of interests crosses between Captain Ayub and Abu Maher, and another abyss has joined them even before the Oslo agreements. When they are both young. The pair have come a long way since then, including the Middle East. Together, they conduct a wide-ranging intelligence operation on both sides.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, Doron buys his place as a boxing coach for a recently released Hamas official from the Israeli prison. The plot begins to get complicated by the lies and suspicions that accompany life in the Gaza Strip. And everyone is looking for Fawzi!


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