new oak island tunnels 2020

new oak island tunnels 2020

The seventh season of Cursed Island Treasure is making signs of great discoveries but no signs of gold yet. In the new chapters the silver pit still shows no signs of surrender and only the new tunnels in the Oak Island 2020 remind us that this is the cursed island treasure

new oak island tunnels 2020

new oak island tunnels 2020

oak island update 2020 – Tens of millions of dollars are needed to continue the search to dismantle the hill on which the silver cistern resides. Do Season 8 bring you a shocking discovery as part of oak island news 2020

Marty lagina rick lagina return to the island

Somewhere at the age of 13, I got a book telling about the world’s greatest mysteries. There was no internet in those days but the public libraries were full of mystery books. The first to fall was violent from the outer space of Erich von Deniken.

The main story in the book in question was about the treasure disappearing from the oaks. At that time, the curse of the cursed island was not yet over. Just a treasure that for 200 years nobody really could find.

More than that, it is not at all certain that there is a treasure there because some of the people living today could not conceive or see it. The Curse of Oak Island S07E05 – Tunnel Visions Changing the rules of the game on the island

Cursed Island Treasure Season 7 What’s New

The season started with great disappointment. The hopes of finding a Spanish ship in the swamp sank in the water but replaced a new theory. Much more engaging and with evidence in the field. so lets see what goes on oak island 2020

The new Oak Island Tunnels 2020 are the most important discovery of the Rick and Marty Lagina. For me it is even more important than the cross of the lead or the human bones in the area of ​​the money pit.

For the first time we have the edge of proof of an impressive engineering plant built on the island. With all the respect and admiration I have for Gary Drayton, it’s much more than a button or coin. Those who pick up metal detectors and roam the Jerusalem area will find coins to save them extra cash to fund the 2020 presidential election.

new oak island tunnels 2020 Updates from Oak Island Real-time news of new discoveries in search of the curse of oak island Season 7 history chanel

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