Italian tomatoes Slavery or lucky

 Italian tomatoes Slavery or lucky

A number of recently uploaded films portray the growing and gathering of tomatoes in Italy by immigrants as modern slavery of African immigrants. Not all viewers agree with this approach and in many comments we can see whether Italian tomatoes are slave or lucky

 Italian tomatoes Slavery or lucky

Italian tomatoes Slavery or lucky

Collecting Italian tomatoes in the fields

Tomato picking was not as spectacular as other crops. The grains got the name Asif, the olives got the name Haricot, while the date picking got the most beautiful nickname of all – Gadid.

Only the tomatoes that can be picked up by advanced agricultural machinery are collected in many parts of the world by hard workers in many parts of the world. When it happens in China, which has taken over the tomato growing world, it hardly interests anyone. In contrast, tomato harvesting in Italy has become an obsession with human rights organizations. But the truth in this case, like every single truth, lies somewhere in the middle. The place where the truth loves to live.

Illegal immigrants flood Europe

The small distance between the African and Italian coasts has brought hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Sudan and Libya to the Italian coast in recent years. The dream for a better life in Europe, we will make a sticky red in Italy’s tomato fields. Tens of thousands of immigrants, uneducated or trained, are taking the first steps in the boot country. Just like the Italians did in the beginning of the last century in the United States. But then human rights organizations just didn’t exist.

The dilemma persists when considering the relative status of the immigrant and his legal status. At the end of the day these are people who came to a foreign country, without a visa, without education and without training. Instead of sticking to a birthplace and taking part in an effort to make the rich African continent a paradise, they chose to abandon and try their luck on the human rights continent. The same continent that imitates 6 million Jews. Humanity, like the tomato, cannot learn from mistakes.


The legitimacy of illegal immigrants

Europe is not yet external to the fact that it is tired of immigrants. In the traditional way, this will happen in a bang. Not in the process.
Against the backdrop of Europe’s failed economy and monetary union’s currency weakness can be understood parts of the Italian society that advocates the slavery of tomato collections in Italy legitimately in the wake of the invasion of Africa.

People come from a far less good place, without human rights, without an economic future and instead of being grateful for the unreported ode, they come to teach us about humanity, human winners and complainants. At the same time we, from taxpayer pockets, are funding for them and their children health and education services, at the expense of our children.

Many Italians write the sentence that only history can judge – isn’t it good for you here? Return to your home


 Italian tomatoes Slavery The history of the present Is the slavery of tomato collections in Italy legitimate in the wake of the invasion of Africa

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