Robbery of watches at the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem

Robbery of watches at the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem

the robbery of the watch took place at the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem in the early 1980s and was resolved only after about thirty years. In this article, at a veteran website request, we will describe the schedule and historical background, Robbery of watches at the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem, of the robbery and the mysterious figure behind it.

Robbery of watches at the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem

Robbery of watches at the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem

DB Cooper of Israel was completely discovered by chance, after his death.

In Israel, the name of Naaman Lidor became a myth. He is considered the thief prince, the knight rejected by society and a tragic figure in the background of his mother being a well-known educator before and after the Holocaust in Israel.

The second tragic figure is Mary Antoinette, whose watch is named after her, since her head was beheaded before the artist Blélie had finished preparing.

1939 Naaman Diller was born in Israel. His mother managed to escape the horror of the Holocaust in Poland. She became a well-known educator named Arena Friedman Diller. She later passed away at the age of 103 and was best known for working at Janusz Korczak’s orphanage. Together with her husband, she sits at Kibbutz Ein Horesh near Kfar Saba. In the 1950s, this meant that you were an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv.

Lent a plane to make an impression on the kibbutz members

1956 Na’man was thrown from a pilot’s course after she deviated from the flight plan and flew a flying plane over Kibbutz Ein HaHoresh. He returns to the kibbutz, is accused of stealing from friends and moves to work as a clerk for an insurance company in Tel Aviv. No less and no more.

Na’am lives in Tel Aviv, a sophisticated robbery operation. It is different in the local crime landscape. When he breaks into a loan and savings bank in Tel Aviv, he goes out in the middle of the robbery to take a shower at home and returns to a clean and scented job.

Na’aman Dealer diagnosed with skin cancer had an obsession with cleanliness and aesthetics.

His glorious career as a sophisticated bank robber was preparing for his life’s work – robbing the watches at the Islamic Museum. A plot worthy of a movie or series in Naftlix.

 what’s the time ? The 1983 robbery

In the mid-1970s, the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem receives a donation from a rare watch collection
The museum is not sufficiently protected to keep watches worth tens of millions of dollars
The safeguards were relatively primitive at that time and certainly against a sophisticated person like Na’aman Dealer
It is important to remember that DNA does not yet have a computerized record of entry and exit from the country or digital passport
One night he arrives at the museum. Cut off the alarm line and comes out with antique watches worth tens of millions of dollars

Analog police cannot detect a digital robber

several days when the police are investigating him along with dozens of other suspects, he is hunting a fake passport investigator with a permit to exit and enter Israel, the investigator releases him.
The investigation and the case go into a deep freeze of 30 years until the death of Naaman Dealer, now Naaman Lidor

solved ! (clue – police received a clue)

  • After 30 years of fog, Naaman Diller died in 2004 at the hospital near Tel Aviv.
  • He left all his property to his wife and the love of his youth Nili, whom you married in 2004
  • He left a huge fortune on property and money. Many people wondered about the source of the money but nobody really had a clue since for years he was under the radar and stopped committing robberies.
  • It’s important to remember that every watch was worth a few million dollars to tens of millions – enough to sell one and live well all your life.
  • Several years after his death when Nili Keeps tried to sell the watches to a Tel Aviv merchant, the affair rolled out until most of the watches were found in her home in the United States.
  • The watches were returned, including the world’s most expensive Mary Antoinette watch, to an exhibition at the Islamic Museum in jerusalem.
  • All watches were returned to the museum in excellent condition. Apparently, the robber, who may have sold several items to collectors around the world, will strengthen them, learn how to handle them and how to keep them intact.

To date, no item of robbery has popped up anywhere in the world from Robbery of watches at the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem

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