Cursed Island Treasure Season 7 new discoveries

Cursed Island Treasure Season 7 new discoveries

After 6 seasons full of discoveries and a mystery that is only growing inCursed Island Treasure Season 7 begins to send clues that this season we are facing a big discovery that will shock history as we know it

Seventh season filming is underway. Otherwise it is difficult to explain how websites around the world report a big discovery in Swamp Central Island. The seventh season is expected to air as early as November 2019.

On Oak Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia, any artifact can change history. Despite the uncertainty of the existence of the treasury. Strange clues and riddles were discovered on the island. The search team led by Marty and Rick Lagina from Michigan .they did not rest for a moment. This is a life plant. My feeling – they will crack a big puzzle and launch a bigger puzzle.

World at the Button

After the curse of oak island season 6 ended with no surprising surprises or discoveries. Season 7 begins on the History Channel and the first episodes have already revealed a connection between the egg and MONET PIT.

In the first episodes of season 7, the first echo of the season was also recorded when it was proven that there was probably no Spanish ship at the bottom of the swamp. On the other hand the lagina brothers receive further proof of Fred Nolen’s theory that the egg is not man-made

Still the big discoveries in each episode reveal, how not, Gary Drayton. This time it’s a coat button. The wearer of the coat was probably a man of high rank, in the years before the discovery of the silver pit. Which is to say, perhaps those with high-profile divisions who came to the island to oversee the treasures they hid.

The swamp in the search center on the Cursed Island 2019

To this day, even after Season 6 of Curse Island, the island’s puzzles have not yet succumbed to 21st century technology. Anyone who hid, and probably more than once, hidden on the island with valuables or items, did a good job.

Excavations in a closed and protected laboratory

History Channel viewers are expecting a treasure trove. Remind our readers that just a month ago, the final season of the Cursed Gold War of the Civil War ended. The finale, along with Marty Lagina, was an incredible Grand Finale.

What seemed a moment like a great treasure was discovered on the shores of Lake Michigan, turned out to be an expensive and really funny joke. Someone planted bricks like gold .in oak island is unlikely to happen.

  • the curse of oak island season 7 release date – Probably in November 2019 History Channel
  • the curse of oak island season 7 trailer – Don’t rush to believe any video that uses recycled sections from previous seasons

Season 7 rumors or riality  

The History Channel has yet to announce the series resume for season seven. Fans are reporting equipment has already reached the island. What do we have left to do? Wait wait wait


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