dead sea scrolls real story A photographed journey

dead sea scrolls real story

Join us on a journey from Jerusalem to the mysterious caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and the fascinating story about history and religious fanaticism in the lowest place in the world

from jerusalem to dead sea

from jerusalem to dead sea  © historypost

A half hour drive separates Jerusalem from the Qumran reserve, where dead sea scrolls were discovered. The journey along the wide road leads from a political Hamsin to a real desert desert.

Over the years, the ramshackle roads of the sea of ​​dead occupied by pilgrims, hallucinations, escape from the law, and scholars with dreams. They saved the history of the lowest place in the world.

dead sea location zero point

dead sea location zero point © historypost

Qumran Caves Scrolls

Surprisingly, the caves in which the scrolls were discovered are not far from the only road along the saltwater coast.

For years, the State of Israel has invested a fortune in developing the northern coast of the Dead Sea.

Some of the important inventions in the field of desert agriculture have been established here. In the past decade, with the expansion of sinkholes, parts of the landscape look like a backdrop to the planet of the monkeys. Apocalyptic mirrors of deserted places against the backdrop of the salty desert in the world.

dead sea scrolls way

dead sea scrolls way © historypost

A history that happened by chance

Some of the famous treasure hunters of his day would love to experience a similar story. The discovery of the scrolls happened entirely by chance. As history likes from time to time to deceive us.

She hid treasures for thousands and hundreds of years and then served them on a silver platter.

No Country for Old Prophet

Before the establishment of the State of Israel, the area was deserted. Practically speaking, there were only Bedouins who knew the desert well. They could identify the few cisterns. Most of them made their living from grazing sheep and trading between the two sides of the border.

The nearest city is Jericho. To this region, Elijah the prophet fled from the anger of the pagan prophets. The harsh and isolated desert environment chose a sect composed of religious fanatics. They renounce the pleasures of the ancient world and are imbued with uncompromising fanatical faith.


Muhammad searches for goats and finds treasure

 al-Deeb Muhammad was no different from other shepherds who moved with their flock of goats on the shores of the Dead Sea. In those days the sea water was about 300 meters from the cliffs.

Roasting goats at 45 degrees Celsius is a difficult task.

Even for those born and wandering in the desert. The goats hide in a hiding place to which they come due to their mobility on the narrow paths.

Into one of these small caves that serve as hiding places for snakes and goats, the young boy threw a stone. The cave, like a historic communication device.She answered him with an echo that was left of an earthen jar in which the stone had hit.

The Judean Desert, which delineates the Dead Sea, does not distribute gifts often and the boy enters the cave. Modern Aladdin.

He entered the dark cave with a little apprehension, searched in the dark and found an earthenware jar with three scrolls.

History becomes a burning material in the encampment

Like Bilbo Baggins’ power ring, the scrolls were able to overcome rapid destruction. At first the family thought of using it as heating material for the fire. But the magical forces of the Essene sect overcame this obstacle as well.

Long breaths, the scrolls make their way safely to art dealers.


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