is the republic of gilead real

is the republic of gilead real  ? handmaid’s season 3 episode 5 Recap 

The gilead mountains that are watching the Dead Sea received a name from the Arabic language. The Arabic phrase describes something difficult and tough. Throughout history, the region has been associated with mythology, mythology and wars over water and territory. Of all the mystical names in the Bible,

Margaret Atwood chose this name for the state of gilead where a handmaid’s  takes place Season 3 Episode 5 All the spoilers season.

is the republic of gilead real

is the republic of gilead real rdores

is the republic of gilead real

The most familiar story about gilead is not necessarily the giants who lived there, according to the Bible.

but the story of Yiftach from Gilead.  Yiftach sweared that if he wins the war he will kill the first person to lie on his way home. It was his His daughter.

This is exactly where the biblical history meets the story of the handmaid’s tale se03ep05 recap 

The daughter is in the center. The victim’s daughter is in the center. The episode presents the fruits of Serena’s pressure on the commander, her hated husband. She manages to meet Nicole, her non-biological daughter, after manipulating John June handmaid’s  (Elizabeth Moss).

So why do they call the State of Threats gilead ‘s State?

This time the episode is tangential to the history of gilead , to the story of Jephthah the Gilead and brings gilead handmaid’s state closer to history. John gives up principles for a dim promise from Mrs. Serena. It’s like believing a prisoner’s promise to stay in his cell the day the prison walls are knocked down.

Mother motif will do everything for her children and continues to dominate the series even in the fifth episode.

Spoilers The Story Of A handmaid’s Season

As far as the plot was concerned, nothing major had happened at the meeting
There is no dramatic development of what would have seemed like organizing for the Great Rebellion Rebellion and restoring world order.

Serena is back for a few moments to who she was before the Great Revolution. No longer is the woman without a spine shaped in the state of terror in which she lives.

I just do not believe her! 

During a great hunger in the animal kingdom, the lion decided to eat another animal every week. One week the lion decided to eat the green animals living in the swamp.

Immediately the cry of the frogs sounded- poor  crocodiles.

sarina is the new crocodile

Despite everything Serena tells and broadcasts, it seems that the wife of the commander did not fall far from the tree. She does not deliver the letters to Locke, who has allowed the baby to be hugged.

The handmaid’s from gilead releases Luke on his way. She realizes that the distance between them must end the relationship and she must be evacuated to a struggle without compromise in the state of gilead

At the end comander Waterford and Serena send a request for help – help us!!! save Nicole. As the world behaves today, it can still succeed

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