Iraqi Red Rice recipe vegan friendly low sodium

Simple Iraqi Red Rice recipe

A quick and easy recipe for making Iraqi rice. Our Carmela is a champion in the preparation of Iraqi red rice, and even more, she knows how to simplify the complex recipes and make them accessible to anyone who misses the red rice that has hit him at home. Iraqi Red Rice recipe vegan friendly

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Iraqi Red Rice recipe vegan friendly

Iraqi Red Rice recipe vegan friendly

Ingredients for preparing Iraqi red rice (medium rice pot) 5 diners

It is important to remember that there are elements that can be given up, sensitivity to onions or one of the ingredients. As for the quantities, if you want to sharpen the taste you can add a little more pepper or a bit of sharp paprika.

2 cups well-washed Persian rice or basmati rice 2 cups sipped for about twenty minutes
Half a glass of water for the mixture
2 cups water for the mixture
The onion is finely chopped, large or small to taste
3 finely chopped tomatoes, possible with cherry tomatoes or tomatoes for cooking
A small tomato paste box. The role of the crush to strengthen the taste and shade slightly
Slightly salt (no need to add sodium). Salt dieters were given a few grains of salt, a negligible amount
Red paprika is not acute

Instructions for preparing Iraqi raw red rice

1. Place the chopped water and onions with tomatoes, spices to taste, without crushed, and place oil in a pot until boiling

2. After boiling simmer over a small flame for a few minutes and mix well with a wooden spoon

3. Then add the rice, 2 cups water, and cook on a low flame for about 15 minutes

4. From time to time, you can mix the rice a little and make sure it does not burn

5. After covering the fire with gas, let the rice rest in the pot for about ten minutes

With appetite!

How the rice turns red

Without food coloring, without unnecessary sodium or other superfluous materials, the tomatoes and the little paprika color the rice from red to red. To the question of which rice is best prepared for red Iraqi rice, there is no uniform answer.

Persian rice or basmati rice

A matter of taste. I prefer the simple Persian rice. But if you ask and do a survey among the Iraqis, you will probably get equality. It is important to remember the basmati rice soak in the water for at least twenty minutes, so that the element of spontaneity of the arrival will make red Iraqi rice, slightly absent from it.

Iraqi Red Rice recipe vegan friendly A simple and easy recipe of natural red rice with no food coloring vegan and vegetarian meal traditional recipe

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