pasta recipe easy tomato

pasta recipe easy tomato sauce

We all know already that it is not a big deal to cook pasta. A pot of boiling water, a little oil to prevent stickiness, and within ten minutes we have cooked pasta from fine durum wheat. But what about pasta sauce? So here we have prepared some light recipes for making tomato sauce for pasta at home with minimum sodium and lots of natural flavor

Tomato sauce for fast and delicious pasta 

Fresh tomato sauce with basilicum leaves for pasta
A bunch of basil leaves
3 ripe tomatoes finely chopped
A little red paprika or sweet paprika to taste
A bit of black pepper and if you need a little salt (but really little)

pasta recipe easy tomato

pasta recipe easy tomato  Krista  Ivan 

pasta recipe easy tomato sauce  pasta or spaghetti

Chop the tomatoes thin and thin
Combine with spices and whole basil leaves and batter to put in a pot with a little boiling water
Cook the sauce for 10 minutes on a low flame until boiling
You can add a tablespoon of tomato paste to sharpen the taste

After the tomato sauce is homemade, you can mix it with the pasta or cook for another 2-3 minutes in the pot and stir well. Serve on beautiful plates and add some basil leaves for decoration. With appetite.

Tomato Sauce Spaghetti and pasta are the most important tips for a winning recipe
After baking the pasta can be kept in the cooking water or filtered in cold water and slightly olive oil to prevent the formation of lumps.

No matter what pasta you use. In Israel, premium pastas are sold from around the world or from produce or from Israel.

Do you still have pasta from your homemade recipe? It’s not so bad packing it in a box or a plate and you have a plate of pasta for tomorrow’s meal.

Filter or wash pasta? 

Pasta cooking is not an exact science, and there are leading chefs who insist that cooked pasta should not be washed but rather that it should be drained with a sieve and then simply mixed with the sauce

Home cooking is always healthier. Making pasta at home with fast pasta recipes combined with healthy vegetables and minimal salt and sodium in cooking will always be more palatable, less salty, less sugars and always healthier than an industrial product

Tomato sauce for spaghetti and fast, tasty pasta Quick recipes for making pasta in tomato sauce for a few minutes at home without preservatives or salt and sugar Extra fast pasta recipes

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