the curse of oak island Season 7

the curse of oak island Season 7 

The Curious End of Season 6   will not stop the brothers to the garden and the treasure hunt team at the Oaks. Sources and Web sites report that work on the accursed island treasure will soon begin the curse of oak island Season 7 

Why should Season 7 treasure the cursed island

The treasure has not yet been discovered. The puzzle has not yet been solved. At the end of season 6 the treasure of the cursed Island of the History Channel, a number of important archaeological discoveries have been discovered on the island. They have to rewrite history. It is not clear whether this is a Templar treasure or a treasure trove of the Revolution and the War of Independence of the United States.

The discoveries in Smith Bay are very significant for Season 7 Treasure of the Damned Island. They reinforce the assumption that this is not an artesian bar that has been deceiving hundreds of years for treasure hunters.

The most important findings on the oak

Gold on the cursed island! A gold jewel was discovered in one of the ancient parts of the island of the oaks
Ancient wooden beams that were used to build the money pit.

 C14 test Carbon tests proved that they were used to excavate the original pit and not to the excavations of treasure explorers.

Stones with signs and symbols that may indicate a connection to the War of Independence of the United States.


general yamashita treasure

Meanwhile in the Philippines will Yamashita’s gold be discovered
The Japanese general who ruled Asia during World War II. Soon history will mark the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II, but the general yamashita treasure remains a riddle.

Delegations from all over the world are trying to solve the riddle. In the 1980s, a person was reported to have found at least one large gold discovery.

A Philippine treasure hunter Discover a treasure of gold and diamonds in a cave. In those days Ferdinand Marcos ruled the Philippines with his shoe-loving wife, Imelda.

According to evidence, they have destroyed the gold treasure. Later testimonies indicate that life in exile, after being deposed from power. They are from it through the gold of General Yamishita.

new series is currently being shown on the History Channel. She documents a journey of a team of treasure hunters in an attempt to discover some of the lost gold of World War II.

treasures of the Dead Sea in Israel

The copper scrolls suggest the existence of 4,600 treasure sites around the Dead Sea. The sparse population in the area and the Israel Defense Forces fire zones in the safe zone are two things. 

absence of a population in the desert can ensure the security of the treasury.

training of the Israel Defense Forces in any case distanced curious people from the region.

Gold search for treasures in the great world

the territory of Israel has not been explored or excavated enough to find treasures.

rich kings, such as King Solomon, who built the First Temple.

History Channel The Curse of the Island Season 7 Review of the preparations for the seventh season of the Curse of the Curse Island with the brothers to the Garden and the Treasure Search Team Watching the series documenting treasure hunters in the world and in Israel

The Curse of Oak Island: TOP FINDS FROM SEASON 7

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