Death of the Dead Sea travel guide

Death of the Dead Sea travel guide

After a long deliberation where to vacation for a few days of quiet fell the harvest on the Dead Sea.

Finally, I have not visited his southern part of dead sea for a number of years .

naw it is time to write a travel diary for saltwater, located in the lowest place in the world.

Death of the Dead Sea travel guide

Death of the Dead Sea travel guide history post ©


The lowest, the most salty, the most extinct

Like other days in the world that dry up and disappear because of man-made work, the Dead Sea is seriously preparing to become a legend.

the past fifty years, the flow of water from the Jordan River into the sea has been reduced from time to time, and the flood waters that are stored on both sides of the sea are also lacking.

When I was a curious child, I was captivated by the story of finding the Dead Sea Scrolls, the monks who lived along it for hundreds of years. The heroic story of the Masada fighters became a myth in Israel.

The same curiosity, mixed with a messianic element, brought 19th century European researchers to the forgotten shores of the sea. The most important researcher for me, Henry Baker Tristram, documented the flora and fauna and made an important discovery.

Henry Baker Tristram re-site the fortress of Masada.

The discovery opened a period of 150 years of excavation and rediscovery.

masad is the last bastion of the Jewish community in Israel, which fought valiantly against the Roman Empire.

remains of the Dead Sea

90 kilometers on the Israeli side, the length of the shores of the Dead Sea.

dead sea is divided into two parts according to the smooth survivability.

Good Samaritan on the way to dead sea history post

Good Samaritan on the way to dead sea history post ©

On the northern side near the Almog junction there an active sea. despite the retreat of the coast over the years.

The southern Dead Sea, the name thr tongue.

receives its water through channels from the southern part and suffers from the intestinal activity of the mineral industry and tourism.


What happened to the sea

to water with medicinal properties, to which believers, solitarians, and kings who established the city of their sanctuary belonged.

Nevertheless the shores of the Dead Sea are a tourist attraction.

with fascinating hiking trails in the desert and hotels at the Dead Sea are considered a tourist attraction in their own right.

dead sea level dropping

dead sea level dropping  post ©



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