Managing Diabetes in Summer

Managing Diabetes in Summer

Summer comes and with it change the behavior habits of diabetics. Even diabetic tourists need to learn how to behave in the places they travel.
Here are some recommendations Managing Diabetes in Summer

Managing Diabetes in Summer

Managing Diabetes in Summer 

recommendations Managing Diabetes in Summer

Our bodies feel the heat and react accordingly. In order to minimize the damage caused by diabetes and to provide optimal conditions for our bodies during the summer months, we will adopt responsible behavior and ensure hygienic hygiene, shade and proper nutrition, and observe the following customs:

Drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Drink even when we are not thirsty

Avoid over-drinking of caffeine and energy impurities as they can cause fluid loss in the body and raise the amount of sugar and extend the A1C levels.

Recommended clothing for diabetic patients in the summer – non-tight clothing with a preference for lightweight clothes that do not shake and of course socks for diabetic patient

Be sure to apply sunscreen, avoid unnecessary use of the blazing sun, and reduce blood sugar levels

Diabetics do not go barefoot – neither in the summer, nor in the pool or at sea and always better for sneakers than open flip flops

Keep cool weather pleasant, operate the air conditioner to cool the house or office room and if you want to save electricity can always jump shopping to eat a tasty meal for diabetics, salad green fresh and tasty

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