Slovakia Recommendations travel guide

Slovakia Recommendations

Slovakia is slowly being revealed to  tourists.

It is considered a quality destination for star trips and you can combine trips to neighboring Austria.

excellent hotels in the capital Bratislava and many more surprises as part of a trip to Slovakia.

transition between Slovakia and Austria is usually unattainable.

and in practice it is a joint geophysical unit that only the ambitions of the emperors separated the countries and the neighboring nations

bosnice castle Slovakia

castle bosnice Slovakia  ©

Why Slovakia now

This is a wonderful, quiet and safe country that offers everything that neighboring Austria offers to tourists, at a much cheaper price.

especially for a trip to Lower Austria, a trip to Vienna and the Wachau Valley, so here are the recommended routes, attractions and recommendations on hotels in Slovakia.

Bratislava The capital  was once the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and preserved an ancient and fascinating view.

romantic and peaceful but in fact a modern city with all the necessary tourist services.

bratislava is full of cafes and tourists from all over Europe.

Slovakia Recommendations travel guide

Slovakia Recommendations travel guide  ©

Hotels in Slovakia  capital city of Bratislava

In the center of the old town, which is the center of tourist life, a boutique hotel can be found, including a breakfast for about $ 80, including a morning breakfast for a large room of 24 meters in well-groomed and welcoming hotels

Hotel prices in Slovakia are at least 50% lower than those of Vienna and can be used for star trips in Austria and Slovakia – later on recommended hotels in Slovakia.


slovakia castles and attractions

Bosnice castle

Danube cruise to Devin castle

Tour in beautiful Bratislava Old streets and excellent restaurants

trip to the picturesque Wachau Valley through villages and towns

Nightlife in Slovakia Dinner at Sky Bar btatislava

Danube cruise to Devin castle

price of a round-trip cruise to person approx. EUR 9 departs from the main pier of the city. Enjoy the fun of the enchanting Danube to the Fortress .

wild Ascension to the Fortress of medium difficulty and the view of the view from above breathtaking – a view of the game of chess only without dragons The cruise includes a return to Bratislava – a tour of about five hours

view from the Danube to the capital city of Bratislava

view from the Danube to the capital city of Bratislava  ©

Bosnice castle

2 hour drive from Bratislava stands in the splendor of the bosnice castle and is undoubtedly the most beautiful castle in Slovakia and Austria. On the way there is a combination of magical villages and endless green. Did you come and have fun? Do not forget the excellent restaurants after visiting the castle. Possibility to combine a visit to a nearby zoo when traveling with children in Slovakia.

highly recommended for those who love castles even if they are not waiting for a new chapter of the Games of Thrones

The Wachau Valley Austria is not only romantic

Lower Austria there has wonderful valley that seems painted by a artist .

preserved in a time without disturbance. In the valley located an hour drive from the capital of Slovakia (on the motorway or through the villages of Lower Austria)

Station 1: The town of Krems with colorful pedestrian mall Restaurants and cafes.

  • car parking must be paid  recommended to reserve two hours of parking.

Station 2: The coastal town of Dorenstein and walking on the Danube, five minutes from Krems – pay attention and make sure to pay for parking
Station 3: Stif Melk Monastery at the top of the mountain. Looks like a client from a movie but we checked well – it’s real. In spite of the price of EUR 14 Entrance to the monastery including tour We strongly recommend to visit the stift melk site including a tour of the gardens nearby – included in the price of the ticket


Bratislava hotels in the old city center Recommended Slovakia deals

In the center of Bratislava in the heart of the Old City there are excellent hotels for tourism. You can find 4 star hotels in great value! The price also includes a rich and pampering breakfast and the location in the heart of the ancient heart will allow you to wake up into a legend and another time. Highly recommended!

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