oak island season 6 final episode

oak island season 6 final episode

oak island season 6 final episode was the icing on the cake.the curse of oak island season 6 episode 22  Proofs at Smith’s Cove

It was filmed not long before the death of Dan Blankship. he diad in old age and revealed findings that could shake the familiar and written history

What’s really in Smith Bay?

Due to the workers strike in the field of heavy equipment, the excavations in the money pit were suspended towards the end of the sixth season. The team gathered for recent excavations to find out what really lies beneath the money pit and discovered a collection of unknown  walls.

oak island season 6 final episode

oak island season 6 final episode from youtube

More ancient wooden beams than the silver pit

The harbor at Smith Bay proves that there is something far beyond the cistern. The hand of fate or a mistake in judgment led to the fact that most of the efforts of the team in previous seasons were directed at the money pit.

It is true that he discovered strange artifacts such as hundreds of years of human bones from the Middle East. But no significant finding has yet been found.

Up to the end of the season oak island season 6 final episode

Through an advanced examination, the Marty and Rick brothers discovered that the logs were original. Not the archeology of archeology as everyone had previously thought.

This is a very significant discovery that may trigger the seventh season of the cursed Treasure Island. oak island solved ? not yet ! 

22 chapters instead of 30 chapters for the season

The season ended with disappointment. The failed attempt to decipher the magic of the silver pit on the island failed, partly because of the strike and the winter that fell on the island. 

the beginning of the season it seemed like we were standing in 30 episodes we got net 22 episodes of Curse Island Treasure. so oak island mystery solved ? maybe next year….

Nova Scotia, the new Scotland, has historical secrets that refuse to be revealed. Some are related to the early settlement of human beings in Canada. The second and fascinating part of the secrets of Nova Scotia is to rewrite the familiar history of the United States.

Depth Perception S06E03 discovery

Depth Perception S06E03 discovery

The Big Discoveries no record at all

one discovery of the discovery of the treasure from Oak Island defined as unseen and has no previous record.

Smith Bay there were a few. In the last chapter that squeezed out of the season all that could be dug in Smith Bay.

In mathematical order the team revealed a new treasure search structure every day.

wooden structures are made up of huge wooden sources that apparently concealed something important.

important  enough that it was hidden from view. The concealment of the subject of the search, called a treasure, is done in such a professional manner. Perfect.

mystery of oak island finally solved . It has long been a treasure hunt. It is a journey to receive answers to historical questions that are far more important than any gold discovered on the island. oak island season 6 episode 1+oak island final episode recup

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