New Mysteries oak island  2019

New Mysteries oak island season 6

New Mysteries oak island 

In each season the lagina others discover new findings about the oaks. The curse of oak island season 6 provides troubling questions and does not give a lot of answers

New theories old mysteries 6

At the beginning of Season 6 it was Rick Lagina who declared this season we are going big or going home.

We know. His statement is worth a lot. He is exactly the person who is on trial for putting your money where your mouth is

New episodes of oak island season. Toward season 20 season oak season season 6 and the last third of the season something big should happen. An extraordinary finding. A break-even finding. A large . spectacular.


the curse of oak island season 6 episode 20 

The mechanical equipment workers' strike in Canada caused the drilling of the hole in the silver pit and therefore, in the 20th season of the season, the crew begins to explore structures and mysteries on the island.

gary drayton ! Who, if not the one and onlywho is responsible for most of the most important discoveries since the first season, finds in Chapter 20 a gold coin. And that's just the beginning.

It is strange that only now is a search going on using metal detectors and perhaps a place to operate, perhaps activated, a military metal detector to locate metals on the island's land.

Today sophisticated metal detectors, some of which can be found on shopping sites, can detect and deter precious metals and give an indication of whether it is gold or lead.

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New Mysteries oak island  2019

New Mysteries oak island 2019

problem is that the creators of the series did not bother to take a sample from the pipe and check its source and the date it was created. Such a thorough examination would have given an answer to who managed to dig so deep in the direction of the money pit and what he managed to get out of there.

meantime the winter is coming and on 14/04/2019 the final season  games of the throne goes up for direct viewing! All the spoilers on the information about the last season games throne in our site

New Mysteries The Curse Island Treasure All the new findings are spoilers and analysis of the new findings for the discovery of the Great Treasure of the Garden Brothers on the Oaks Island History Channel

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