Lviv Ukraine recommendations for tourists

Lviv Ukraine recommendations for tourists

The first time I read about Lvov, the capital of the Galicia region in Ukraine was in an old book by Shalom Aleichem.
The writer Shalom Aleichem combines with humor and sadness the plot of Motil Ben Pasi Hazan.

Lviv Ukraine recommendations for tourists

Lviv Ukraine recommendations for tourists

Between the riots against the Jews and the changes in the empires of Europe, the family migrates to America.

They cross the border from Lwow to Krakow and this chapter left a bold imprint on me until I went out to explore the place myself.

In this article I will introduce Lvov Ukraine to the traveler photos from personal experiences

The city of Lvov resembles a glorious past.
Her present is much more gray but fascinating.

This is a time journey. Journey to the past.

About passion for old Europe.

Europe of kings and Jews who survive despite everything.

To the charm of the old villages and towns of coal miners and oil pumps that extract the last drops from the earth.

Lviv National Academic Opera

The Opera House is a solid testimony to the greatness of the capital of Galicia Galicia.

Lviv National Academic Opera ©

Lviv National Academic Opera ©

A region that passed from hand to hand among the emperors in the area. The legendary Franz Josef, the last emperor of Europe, ruled it with a high hand.

Before and after, the city passed between Russian Poles and empires that had been erased from the map, but left behind a population of Russian Ukrainians, Armenians, Armenians, and Jews.

A good friend of mine says that a city that has an opera house is a sure recipe for fascinating art and culture. He is right in this case.

An independent traveler who comes to the city must purchase an opera ticket in Lvov, or even rehearsals (the price of a Lvov opera ticket ranges around $ 5 to the best places) and experience a classics of art.

museums lviv ukraine

There are about 20 museums in the city. Most of them are very modest but have breathtaking exhibits. Perhaps mainly that the city itself is a living and breathing museum.

Museum of Ethnography and Crafts

Address, Svobody Ave, 15, L’viv, Львівська L’viv (opposite the Opera House)
Entrance price 20 hryvnia NIS 3 per person Orange card + 10 hryvnia per person For the right to take pictures (blue card)

Lviv Arsenal Museum

Address Pidvalna vul. 5, Lviv 79008 Price entry 20 hryvnia
What is featured in the Lviv Weapon Museum
Contemporary solidarity is integrated into military history and Ukrainian wetting through weapons from the history of Ukraine.

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