Rafi Eitan Mossad agent died

Rafi Eitan Mossad agent died

Quite a few enemies of the State of Israel breathed a sigh of relief last night. Veteran Mossad agent Rafi Eitan passed away at the age of 92.

great deal of legends were formed about Rafi Eitan's intelligence activity in the establishment of the Mossad organization. Israel's intelligence organization.

Most of the actions Rafi Eitan participated in are still confidential and can be learned from foreign sources in the world media.

in Israel, Rafi Eitan is an admired figure and on the occasion of his death we will mention two cases in which he was involved and even expressed himself.


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Insurance certificate for Otto Skorzini


After World War II Otto Skorzeny was in the crosshairs of the Israeli intelligence services. The young state conducted a campaign of revenge against the Nazis who did not stand trial in the Nuremberg trials.

Unlike many Nazi officers, Otto Skorzeny seemed to continue his normal routine without interruption. Many attributed this to the rumor that he had found some of the golden treasures of the Third Reich and bought the silence.

few years ago Rafi Eitan told the truth.

1950s, Israel was in trouble. The peak of the Egyptians Gamal Abdul Nasser recruited dozens of German scientists for a secret mission aimed at building missiles that would destroy the State of Israel.

For this purpose Otto Skorzeny was recruited the mossad and engaged in the active elimination of German scientists operating in Egypt. To the last of them.

Skorzeny Got  from Eitan Insurance Certificate. The Israeli institution left him alone, he continued his life undisturbed, and received a lavish funeral, when none of those present realized that this was one of the greatest feats in the history of the Third Reich.

otto skorzeny Nazi gold or  traitor

otto skorzeny Nazi gold or  traitor

 capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina

only few assassinations of Nazi officers over the  years can be attributed to the Eichmann trial.

Nazi oppressor was caught in Germany, a recommended film screened in Netflix, brought to trial in Israel and then hung.

Rafi Eitan headed the cell that captured Eichmann, hid him in a house in Argentina and then led him to a fair trial in the State of Israel.

Restful Rafi Eitan, a dear and kind man whose only sense of humor is second to your contribution to the State of Israel.

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