Jerusalem Old City Market Tour

Jerusalem Old City Market Tour

The ancient city of Jerusalem is surrounded by a wall.  Jerusalem Old City invites you to visit hundreds of historical attractions from the dawn of man until today.

Churches, mosques and synagogues alongside exciting sights and flavors that have been preserved for hundreds of years. We took a tour of the Old City market in Jerusalem and returned with a lot of experiences.

Jerusalem Old City Market Tour

Jerusalem Old City Market Tour

First stop from Jaffa Gate into the Old Market of Jerusalem

Look at the picture of the Jaffa Gate.

wide barrier that allows the passage into the city is not original and does not belong to the original wall. It was created especially for the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.

great Austrian emperor visited the city but because the carriage that drove him was too broad, changes were needed in the wall.

ruler of Jerusalem, the Turkish pasha who wanted to impress him, and in the meantime sell him some properties in the city, ordered the expansion of the wall and since then Jaffa Gate has been wide open.

It is very worthwhile to try a Jerusalem bagel with za’atar and salt to take a long breath and continue the tour into the Old City. We will return to the starting point in order to get to know important points in the history of Jerusalem.

second stop Chabad Street  view to Temple Mount and the Western Wall

From Jaffa Gate we will continue straight down the stairs that descend to the heart of the Old City market. Along the narrow street are stalls full of good

view to Temple Mount and the Western Wall

view to Temple Mount and the Western Wall

old market stores offer spectacular ceramic works and spices.

convoys of tourists cross the street and trick the travelers into the narrow and long shops.

Before turning to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, turn right on Chabad Street and after 20 meters we will climb the stairs leading to the observation of the Old City of Jerusalem.

look at the the minarets of the churches and mosques, and the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

Third Station Church of the Holy Sepulcher

After the observation we will descend carefully to the stairs leading to the main street and continue straight towards the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

This is one of the most exciting places on Earth. The excitement is similar to the visit to the Vatican Rome Italy.

stage at the entrance are the tombs of Jesus and the first person on Golgotha ​​Hill that some pilgrims call Calvary.

If you are not pilgrims and faithful people, keep an eye on pilgrimages.

Some of the believers used to light candles near the tomb of Jesus and then extinguish them and take the candles with them for the rest of the journey and light the holy fire in their home.

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