Attractions in Poland Warsaw 2019 recommendations

Attractions in Poland Warsaw 2019 recommendations

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a haven for travelers. Many tourist attractions create a long list of attractions in Poland Warsaw 2019 recommendations

Recommendations of a true traveler around the world

Attractions in Poland Warsaw 2019 recommendations

Attractions in Poland Warsaw 2019 recommendations ©

Tips for a trip to Poland for a traveler

The currency of Poland is zloty. Euros can be exchanged for zloty or the dollar around the city at a fair exchange rate

centers provide a high level of personal security

Restaurants in Warsaw are not lacking We recommend you taste the excellent local food cheap and sold almost every restaurant

The Old Town of Warsaw (not really ancient …)

After World War II, the Poles rebuilt the ruined capital. They returned to the central castle and the old city center of Warsaw.

Due to the destruction and reconstruction, the city does not provide the feeling of the old world as tourists feel today in the center of Prague, but it is definitely worth visiting and joining a free walk in the center of Warsaw.

MNW Royal Castle in Warsaw in the Old Town

Poland also had kings. Not all of them were Poles and throughout history kings of the nobility and kings of Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia.

They built a castle (a reconstructed building) in the heart of the old city, which provides an hour of Royal House fragrances and provides a glimpse into the life of Europe’s aristocracy until the First World War.

3 hours of sightseeing in the Old City is certainly enough. The tour begins and ends at the impressive Obelisk at the entrance to the Old City and we can return to the center of the modern city by foot or by bus.

The National Museum of Warsaw is half a day of art per person

Art lovers can enjoy a thrilling half-day filled with amazing works by the best Polish and Italian artists and even a look at the Polish house during the reign of the Cominist

The National Museum of Warsaw

The National Museum of Warsaw  ©

MNW Address: al. Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warszawa, Poland Located in the center of the city and I recommend to walk on it and be impressed with how the urban landscape is rapidly changing from the city center to the residential neighborhoods.

Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw

Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw ©



Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw

number of museums in the palace, and I recommend visiting the Science Museum.
buy ticket to the top floor and enjoy a panoramic view of the city with a cup of hot coffee that can be purchased at the cafe at the top of the tower.
Address: plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa, Poland


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