Landing on the Space Israel SpaceIL 2019

Landing on the Space Israel SpaceIL

Israel records another achievement with the landing on Israel SpaceIL moon

is going to make an exciting history. After the late Ilan Ramon took part in a flight on a space shuttle.

Landing on the Space Israel SpaceIL

Landing on the Space Israel SpaceIL

2019 Landing on the Space Israel SpaceIL

An impressive project that began in 2011 by three Israelis with Hazon Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yehonatan Weintraub.

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They responded to the challenge of Google Lunar XPRIZE, and without doubt the launch of the Israeli probe into the smell on a date is a great success and an example of education, adherence to the goal and strength of the will and the ability to fulfill. Without a doubt, Israeli pride with # Israel is taking off to the moon in 2019

When the takeoff to the moon of the Israeli spacecraft – takeoff will occur on 22/02/2019 when the first Israeli spacecraft called Genesis will go to the moon and will be the fourth country to the moon. After the First United States, the Second Soviet Union and the Third China. The Israeli spacecraft will be broadcast live on the site.

The landing on the moon of the Israeli spacecraft – Genesis is expected to land on the smell on 11/04/2018 after a journey of two months in space days before the eve of Passover 2019.Will Israeli astronauts be analyzed on the moon? This is not an unmanned journey. We will have to wait a few more years until we see the first Israeli walking on the moon

The race for the US moon won

In the 1960s, before Channel 1 was a divine revelation in the State of Israel, the United States of America won the space race .America was ahead of the United States and Russian Yuri Gagarin and landed on the scent with immortal phrase – a small step for a man a great step to humanity a sentence that Neil Armstrong said when he first stepped on the moon on 21/07/1969

Was the landing on the moon really occurred

A few years after the first man landed on the moon, hundreds of millions of people watched the moon landing. Since then there have been some conspiracy films about the possibility that the landing on the smell was an impressive cinematic event, and Apollo did not really land on the moon.

The films examined the flags of the United States and a number of variables in the broadcast and the truth we leave you to judge. In any case, an Israeli look at the smell the day after tomorrow is an exciting event!

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