bratislava attractions things do

bratislava attractions things do

Information and tips for travelers in Slovakia Attractions & bratislava attractions things do all new ! bratislava attractions things do

beautiful and the most beautiful. Information and tips for travelers in Slovakia

Information and tips for travelers in Slovakia Attractions bratislava attractions things do

At the entrance to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, there is a magnificent castle above the city. The view of the castle at night is one of the most beautiful in Europe and it overlooks almost every room of the hotel where you will stay in the city.

Information and tips for travelers in Slovakia Attractions

one of the most beautiful and perhaps the safest of Europe.

On the face of it, it is busy with hundreds of students from all over Europe who come to study in Slovakia, but the one that does not stop for a moment is enchanting for lovers.


It is a warm home for passersby between Austria and Hungary and a holiday in Slovakia is a warm recommendation for those who are reading these lines.

Bratislava is a great city for a trip with children. It is a meeting point of Austria and Slovakia with the possibility to travel to a variety of routes, it is cheap for tourists about 50% in relation to stay in Austria so it is.

no wonder that in many places in neighboring Austria we meet workers from Slovakia.

cruise on the Danube to Krems

The Wachau Valley is considered one of Austria’s scenic pearls. A cruise from Bratislava to the town of Krems allows a day trip from Slovakia to Austria.

three-hour cruise on the Danube, a magical view, a stop at Krems and a return to Bratislava in the evening. Recommended, delightful and tiring.

mist on the enchanting Danube will soon be replaced by the minarets of towns from old legends and the journey through the picturesque towns of Austria is an experience for the liturgical soul of the day.

Nitra Castle is an hour drive

Nitra Castle is a remnant of the royal houses that ruled the region of Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. Unlike the castle of Spish Castle.

we reconstructed but retains its original character. An hour’s drive from Bratislava.

Nitra Castle

Nitra Castle

recommended to visit the nearby city center of Nitra and enjoy a pedestrian mall full of good and a Roman road that has been preserved in the city center unharmed.

nitra city also runs the Nitra shopping mall, which offers cheap shopping in Slovakia. At the entrance to the city you may want to be impressed by the university building named after the philosopher Constantine called UKF

Trip to the charming Tranava

Day trip from Bratislava Trip to the city of Trnava Rome of Slovakia Trip to Slovakia.

A tour of Slovakia in the Slovakian city of Tranava, which provides a glimpse of rare Italian architecture in the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Trnava Slovakia Rome

Travel time from Bratislava to the capital is about an hour, including necessary stops on the way to view the countryside and you can drive through the E571 / E58 / E75 roads.

The synagogue (what remains of it) is part of the Jewish heritage track in Slovakia

Information and tips for travelers in Slovakia Attractions Recommended travel routes for the whole family or a couple of magical cities Cruises on the Danube Italian parks and towns Tour to Austria

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