Pasta in fresh tomato

Pasta in fresh tomato sauce

the history site is proud to present a fresh recipe that any pasta lover can prepare within 10 minutes at home. Pasta in fresh tomato sauce

Pasta in fresh tomato sauce Quick preparation

Pasta in fresh tomato sauce Quick preparation UNSPLASH

 Ingredients Pasta in fresh tomato sauce Quick preparation

3 grated fresh tomatoes, alternatively you can use a fine Italian tomato paste that can be found in any supermarket

250 grams cooked pasta in boiling water, cook in 10 minutes with clean water

A little pepper olive time and red or sweet red paprika to taste

You can combine fresh basil leaves to taste or a dry basil seasoning without salt


Recipe for pasta with fresh tomatoes

After cooking the pasta, place the sauce and fresh spices in a pot and let them cook for a few minutes

Now place the pasta and mix well all the ingredients

Continue cooking for another 5 minutes on a low flame and serve to a warm, tasty table. Can be warmed at a later time

Which pasta is best for fast cooking

We get many questions about the best pasta and whether there is a connection between the price of ingredients and their quality. The answer is that there is really no pasta that is the best.

When I pass the supermarket shelves I often find pasta packages from all over the world. I’m curious, checking and if the validity date of the product is not too close I buy and often enjoy.

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