What’s wrong with palm oil

What’s wrong with palm oil

All information about palm oil in food products. It is used in the food industry in many products and sometimes I am surprised to find it in food ingredients. So what’s wrong with palm oil and health care

What's wrong with palm oil

What’s wrong with palm oil unsplush

What’s wrong with palm oil and health care

I stand in the supermarket, checking ingredients of food products with wrappers that testify to a seemingly low-calorie product.

the lines pass component to component and suddenly Oops ….. palm oil. I stand in front of the supermarket, amazed at the label, and she is in front of me with palm oil. So why and why do I consider palm oil as an unwanted ingredient in my food?

produce palm oil for the food industry

Palm oil is produced from fruit pulp crackers and tropical palm trees. It is a cheap and easy process for the food industry, which has been plagued by public protests over the uprooting of natural trees in tropical areas and the massive growth of trees for industries that have violated the world’s ecological balance.

Today 60% of palm oil production in the world is used for industry and the rest for food ingredients. But cutting down natural trees eliminates the habitats of animals that may soon be seen in zoos.

Consumption of palm oil increases the amount of energy in the food and the amount of calories does not add health to the patient diabetes.

In Indonesia, more than 700 land conflicts are associated with the palm oil industry. Human rights violations are everyday occurrences, even on “unsustainable” and “organic” plantations. Full details of the rainforest site

palm oil harmful to health ?

Palm oil is a plant food product and therefore does not contain cholesterol. Research shows that it has few nutritional benefits and has no bad saturated fat. The acids of palm time may not get stuck in the walls of our blood vessels and may not raise the A1C values ​​for a diabetic patient but it has environmental damage and rope.

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