Season 6 Episode 12 Slipway When Wet

Season 6 Episode 12 Slipway When Wet

It was worth waiting for this season. Treasure of the Damned IslandSeason 6 Episode 12 summary leaves us a wealth of findings and a real promise to uncover the truth about oak island mystery

Treasure of the Damned Island Season 6 summary and findings

After Chapter 11 Season 6 Curse of the Damned Island We find a search team led by the lagina brothers with significant progress.

In order to be precise, we will divide the discoveries on oak island into two categories.

The first objects found on the island

The second will deal with the progress of the discoveries around the silver pit and the aspiration to reach the shaft 6 oak island.

Season 6 Episode 12 oak island live

Season 6 began with a number of important findings on the island of the oaks. gary drayton Reveals the professional treasures that reveal each time a new treasure from the bottom of the island using a metal detector Discover the following findings:

Gold pin! Yes Dear Surfers Gold was discovered on Oak Island!

An iron arrow attributed to medieval arches in Europe was characteristic of the Crusader order

Metal parts attributed to the hat of the French army that controlled parts of modern Canada

New Archaeological Discoveries

This is the last season the Curse of Oak Island team will be able to dig without reaching a break-even discovery.

An important discovery that will shock the world and justify the 200 years of discovering treasures on the cursed island. As Marty lagina said in the promo for season 6 Treasure Island cursed – this year we dig deep and big or go home.

As of the end of Chapter 11 Season 6 the Curse of Oak Island crew is about to finish drying Smith Bay at the foot of the Silver Pit.

 Slipway When Wet Season 6 Episode 12

Thanks to the exposure of the bay floor, gary drayton and the crew were able to uncover wooden structures that probably belonged to the flooding of the cistern.

Along the lines of Smith’s Cove Nova Scotia, the structures seen in dan blankenship’s excavations were discovered fifty years earlier and were characterized by the engraving of curious Roman numerals XVV.

The discoveries pose intriguing questions about who and why he placed Smith’s Cove at the foot of the silver pit, such complex structures and what their role was.

Is the purpose of the flood trenches was to protect the mysterious treasure that the lagina brothers are trying to uncover?

In general, the island of the oaks is not far from the mainland in such a way that it is so easy to hide the activity that occurs in it in terms 250 years ago.

The steps to uncover the treasure on the Oaks

To search for Treasure on the Island through a TV program on the History Channel has several meanings beyond the search for unrecorded treasures.

Almost discovered and almost injured? The Curse of the Damned Island

The staff of the cursed island treasure almost touches, almost reveals. But the season to summarize the word search will almost be irrelevant.

One of the expressions used in the army is the expression almost hurt. It is an expression that describes a case that could have ended in a catastrophic disaster.

But Season 6 Season 6 The Curse of the Damned Island is far from being. The money season on the table. And there’s a lot of it.

Now we expect the team to peel the silver pit and the hill that surrounds it. Only a thorough excavation of the area of ​​the silver pit, whose original location is in any case not entirely clear, and lowering the hill to sea level will solve the problem.

We wait for the breathless!

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