the curse of oak island season 6 episode 8

the curse of oak island season 6 episode 8

Nothing new is happening on the island of the oaks. The Curse of Oak Island season 6 episode 8 is a preparation for the great discoveries presented in Promo for Season 6

the curse of oak island season 6 episode 8

the curse of oak island season 6 episode 8 youtube scsh

Curse Of The Cursed Island Season 8 Episode 6 UNEARTHED

Watching the eighth episode of the season you were the kind of repetition of the discoveries from the beginning of the season and the discoveries and questions open since the first season in which we met the lagina brothers.

Not many Docu programs are prepared to reveal the difficulties, the frustrations and the human aspect behind the treasure hunt.

To hunt down Hitler’s channel of history, was an excellent program, but it did not reveal the personal or human aspects of its participants. Too bad.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 has been keeping the line since the start of the broadcast.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9 Release Date


What’s going on in the oaks? Did siblings find a treasure?

Yes ! Since the beginning of the season gold has been discovered on the island.

Gary Drayton discovers the Templar Cross, he and no other, found gold on the island. At the beginning of the season we saw how the treasures with the magic staff discovered a gold pin.

It may seem simple to you, but go find a piece of gold, not on a remote island at the end of the world but let’s say in the middle of your shopping center. Try.

Season 6 The Treasure of the cursed Island Gold was discovered on the Island of the Oaks!

The season will begin to ignite when excavations begin around the money pit
Smith Bay undergoes a process of isolation and drying from water.

A complex process that would allow investigation of the early discoveries of Dan Blankenship, which revealed structures from strangers with water channels and beneath them mysterious wooden beams with the writing of Roman numerals.

Great excitement! The cursed island team headed by Craig Tester maps the pit of money and technological means. We should soon see how it is exposed layer after layer.

Exposing the money pit by excavating and peeling the layers rather than by drilling in depth is supposed to reveal definitively and inexplicably the mystery of the cursed island once and for all! There is nothing to expect.

It’s not easy to wait, it’s certainly not easy to wait for more discoveries on the island.

Curse of the cursed Island Chapter 8 Season 6 Spoilers about the discovery of treasures in the accursed island by the lagina brothers and the treasure hunt team that discovered gold on the Island of the Oaks in anticipation of the discovery of the money Pit

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