The Curse of Oak Island’s Season 6 Episode 5

The Curse of Oak Island’s Season 6 Episode 5

The Curse of Oak Island’s Season 6 Episode 5History Channel There is an important turning point. this Episode the tunnels of the silver pit are exposed. The Curse Of The Curse Of  Island Season 6 Episode 5 Direct Watch leaves no doubt about having a treasure on the island.

Season 9 oak island
Are the Lagina brothers modern treasure hunters or archaeologists? The end of the previous season gave a final stamp that throughout history a mysterious event took place on the island

Currently the new season date the curse of oak island season 9 is scheduled for 02/11/2021 nine days before Chinese Bachelors Day.


WOW Season The Curse of Oak Island’s Season 6 Episode 5 

Tunnels money pit and object from France !

Season 6 of Curse Island Treasure is served to us as a stress film without a single moment rest for a long breath.

Each episode has a new discovery or thickening of information about an important discovery found on the island.

Season 5 Episode 6 The Curse of Oak Island We are supposed to be exposed to a giant goliath. Physical size and meaning.

Apparently we are going to see the island, in the area of the silver pit, whose location is already historically lost, the man-made flood channels.

When Rick Garden says you go big or go home he means it. This is an excellent institute for an excellent season!

money pit first exposed as slices of cake

money pit behaved badly!

For more than 200 years expeditions to search for treasures have been smashing one after the other. Without pity he floods water canals, digs to discover treasure, a desire for the unknown, and old hopes of finding treasure.

In this season marty lagina decided to end.

If it is possible to dig the silver pit he will peel it layer by layer and if necessary to reach, then he will dig to the center of the earth.


The Curse of Oak IslandSeason 6 Episode 5 Spoilers

use of advanced technology, the accursed island treasure team tried in the past to narrow the search area but was the hand of the money pit on top.

now  it seems to be about the surrender of the pit, a gentle, slow surrender, in which the occupier admires the conquered, learns him, his secrets and adopts him to his heart.

If there is anything that the Curse of Oak Island ‘Season 6 Episode 5 does better than anything is to conquer my heart.

Curse Of The Cursed Island Season 6 Episode 5 Watch The Secret Analysis Where The Money Hole Tunnels Discovered Exposure + Special Discovery Attributed To French Seamen Blog Island Damned History Channel

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