pablo escobar monaco house will destroyed

pablo escobar monaco house will be destroyed

There are those who will see this as the end of the legend of pablo escobar the greatest drug baron in history.

But history can not be erased by blowing up houses. pablo escobar tv show netflix Leave an eternal seal.

pablo escobar monaco house will be destroyed

pablo escobar monaco house will be destroyed

history of pablo escobar

A car thief and a bank robber quickly turned Escobar into a giant cocaine manufacturer and dealer.

He flooded the streets of cities in the United States with white powder and turned himself into America’s No. 1 enemy.

The years of his life as a fugitive escaped from the DEA did not prevent him from continuing the smuggling work and fortifying his status as a rich man

February 2019 pablo monaco demolished

In the film of the National Geographic Pablo Escobar The King of Coke as in the series Narcus comes across a cool manager.

Pablo controlled all layers of my organization from the initiation stage to the production and distribution stages, and finally to the financial side as well.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that managers of large companies can learn from him some principles in managing.

pablo escobar the end ?

In February, Escobar’s second estate would be demolished. The Mediteranean Center in Medellín. As befits the heritage of its owners, it will be distributed from the air.

Monaco will become a tourist park. Forget the treasure hunters who come to the remains of the estate in the heart of the jungle and look for hundreds of millions of dollars buried in barrels.

Meanwhile in United States Joaquín Guzmán el chapo season 3 review

Escobar’s family does not carry his name. Victoria Eugenia Escobar, widow of Pablo Escobar, who changed her name and also his son and daughter.

The last of the legendary drug baron Joaquín Guzmán is currently in court in the United States. If he gets to end his life in the legacy prison he leaves behind, he will be much less glamorous

Update 17/07/2019: Anyone who says that reality goes beyond imagination probably knows what he’s talking about. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican baron was charged in the United States with crimes punishable by life imprisonment and another 30 years in prison. He is expected to remain in a secure prison in the world called Supermax. It was also reported in various media outlets that during his escape from the United States, he visited the United States twice. Now he had a very long time to go. Probably less sympathetic.

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