Depth Perception S06E03 discovery

Depth Perception S06E03 discovery

Depth Perception S06E03 discovery One discovery per chapter and stress for the next chapter. oak island S06E03 discovery continues excellent season. 

Depth Perception S06E03 discovery dig deeper

Rick and Marty bring to the island advanced search technologies that reveal what might be happening underground. it expect to see progress already in previous seasons but the series has its own pace.

Curse Of Oak Island S06E03 Depth Perception continues a season of discoveries. The team presents us with one exciting discovery in each chapter.

Gary Drayton discovers another item with a metal detector. It may seem a simple action, but it is a fact that until now it is the first to do so.

Depth Perception S06E03 discovery

Depth Perception S06E03 discovery

Doing successfully ! 

The combination of knowledge and experience, the ability to read the surface of oak island, and the knowledge of local  history  bring it closer to discovering treasures through metal detectors.

A flood channel near the silver pit

The startling news of the season is the possible discovery of a man-made flood channel near the money pit.

The Curse of Oak Island creates an interest. Now we are in suspense when and if the man-made flood canal is discovered near the money pit.

If this is indeed a canal or an obstacle created by people, it is undoubtedly a sensational discovery.

Is it the same channel, in which the diagram looks structured and well-planned, is the one designed to prevent treasure explorers from reaching the mysterious treasure chest.

 second explanation claim the canal as a water carrier from the shore up the hill. 

third explanation may be that it was an escape canal or an underground fortress that could be escaped from the land and throughout history enough people had plenty of good reasons to escape from the coast to a hiding place.

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