Recommended extensions for WordPress

Recommended extensions for WordPress 2018

Writing a website using WordPress has never been easier with the recommended add-ons for WordPress 2018 that allow website protection, site promotion for WordPress and monetization of content through a combination of original content and SEO.

Recommended extensions for WordPress

Recommended extensions for WordPress

WordFence Security Firewall & Malware Scan

Security is first and foremost.

No one wants to be on the black list of sites or to be notified of a site that has been hacked and damaged valuable working hours.

For us Wordfence is one of the free add-ons for WordPress that you can not do without. It allows protection against malware and allows to camouflage the login page to the site’s management system and more!

Type of WordFence wordpress security plugins
Free cost
The option to expand to a Premium subscription has an annual cost

Yoast SEO Plugin SEO Site Promotion In Search Engines

SEO WordPress would not look like this without one of the important supplements that every website owner must recognize.

The plugin enables you to prepare a content-focused article for a website and it actually monitors the quality of the writing, not the quality of the content, checks the search engine’s relevance and provides comments on how to correct the writing to fit the search engine.

Type of Plugin WordPress Yoast SEO Premium for WP
Free cost
The option to expand to a premium subscriber has an annual cost and from time to time promotions are published

 wordpress Contact Form Builder

We’ve already brought surfers to the site and they really want us to contact them.

The wordpress extension library displays a few dozen extensions and contact the site.

One of the most popular plugins that have been very popular in the past has been removed from  Extensions Library due to problems.

one of the most prominent plugins that has been installed is wpforms, which makes it possible to build beautiful contact forms that are suitable for a unique site in a few minutes.

Plugin Type WordPress Contact Form Builder
Free cost
The option to expand to a Premium subscription has an annual cost and allows for various options

Is worth paying for paid plugins for wordpress website

The answer depends very much on what you are required to do.

In the area of ​​information security, a fire wall extension is necessary, including full protection with full support and integrity, including intrusion protection, and more through Sucuri Security under the title “Complete Website Security” costs about $ 200 a year and if you are hacked or removed from Google you will understand how much it is worth every shekel.

Recommended Plugins for WordPress 2018 Recommended Plugins List for wordpress website that you can download for free on various SEO topics


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