The Curse of Oak Island S06E03 DEPTH PERCEPTION

The Curse of Oak Island S06E03 DEPTH PERCEPTION

The Curse of Oak Island S06E03 DEPTH PERCEPTION .The seismic results reveal the existence of a mysterious underground chamber; Gary and Jack make a discovery suggesting another Templar connection.

The Curse of Oak Island S06E03 DEPTH PERCEPTION 

Current episode The Curse of Oak Island S06E03 DEPTH PERCEPTION . The chapter is marked by another theory of the connection between the island and the Templer Order

What do we know about Marty Lagina?

The two brothers grew up in Michigan and in 1965 were introduced to the pursuit of Oak Island’s treasure. Marti has a global business in the field of energy.
He is a well-established person who also owns a winery.
Civics – engineer and realistic character balance once the dreamer brothers tell the truth if only during the fifth season he managed to be convinced that there is indeed a real treasure on the island. He was also a part of the series’ search for the treasure of the Civil War.

Why the coconut fibers on the island suggest treasure on the cursed island

In the past, pirates and pirates would have been used to transport valuable goods to protect their treasure during the transfer. Forget fancy boxes and comfortable travel.

This was an arduous journey, especially when it comes to long voyages.

So how exactly do you keep valuables on board? Cover them with coconut fiber well and hope that the sea swings will not cause destruction.

However, since coconut fibers have only a few hundred miles in May oaks, so their presence has to testify instead found a treasure or something valuable wrapped coconut fibers.

Who could hidde  treasure in Oak Island

People have a natural curiosity about everything that is hidden from them. Why? Perhaps because there is a certain blessing in everything that is hidden.

As the season progresses I am asked more questions about the Treasury’s search for the cursed island

If the treasure is about 250 years old, the complex hideout built with primitive tools and knowledge about the tools in which the treasure is now being sought.

Who built on Oak Island a trap for treasure hunter, who time and again succeeded in defeating the best technology?

Is money pit the perfect trap and the treasure, as it exists, is somewhere else on the island? The great discoveries of season 5 and the discovery of gold in the Fark 2 season 6 were discovered far from money pit

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