green tea benefits for diabetic patients

green tea benefits for diabetic patients

What is the relationship between drinking green tea and diabetes and lowering blood sugar? It turns out that there are green tea benefits for diabetic patients

Studies have shown that drinking green tea helps lower blood sugar levels while maintaining a balanced diet for diabetics.

Does green tea help lower blood sugar

It turns out that green tea can not only help lower blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes, it may also help in efforts to curb type 2 diabetes, along with healthy lifestyles and discipline in a balanced diet. It should be said immediately,green tea benefits for diabetic is not a dietary alternative to diet for balancing diabetes or borderline diabetes but it can certainly help.

green tea benefits for diabetic

green tea benefits for diabetic

What is green tea and why it is different from regular tea extract

Green tea is made from tea leaves that have minimal oxidation in the post-harvest processing process.

regular tea (also known as green tea) undergoes full oxidation due to a series of processes that prevent the oxidation of tea leaves from supermarket shelves or tea bags.

Green tea began to be sifted in the Western world, which until a decade ago consumed mainly green tea.

Green tea diabetes tea is recommended for diabetics

Green tea contains antioxidants called anti-oxidants that fight body waste called free radicals. Beyond research that proved green tea efficacy in increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the skin were observed decreases in blood sugar levels.

Food is recommended for diabetics

As an olive oil to a diabetic patient, green tea is an additional food product, a beverage in fact, that can be consumed as part of a diabetic diet and thus help lower blood sugar values ​​as part of a balanced diet and diet for diabetic patient.

Many diabetics are faced with the question about protein source.

For those who do not need chicken or meat, there is a list of vegetables that are defined as a substitute for meat in a balanced diet for a diabetic patient. The list of high-protein vegetables for diabetics includes lentils, beans, chickpeas, green peas, fresh almonds and roasted almonds

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