tel aviv tourist attractions site

tel aviv tourist attractions site

Tel Aviv is not only a city without a break and has lots of places to stroll around museums and lots of cafes that do good for the soul. tel aviv tourist attractions site

So if you are looking for recommended places to travel in Tel Aviv this article is just for you.

In this article, we will focus on the places in Tel Aviv in the area of ​​Dizengoff Street and you can feel free to wander through the small alleys of Tel Aviv and find yourself the magic corners reserved for good people

Bauhaus Museum, Tel Aviv

The Bauhaus Museum in Tel Aviv presents documentation of works of the Bauhaus architecture, in which the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Center.
Address Bauhaus Museum Tel Aviv Dizengoff Street 77 Phone: 035220249

Walking from Dizengoff Center to the Carmel Market

One of the oldest streets in Tel Aviv has been selling lingerie stores, cafes and cheap and cool items from all over the world. A mixture of smoke, graffiti and street food. The usual walk takes about 10 minutes but in practice it takes two hours and more and ends at the entrance to the Carmel Market.

On the way it is highly recommended to stay in the bookstore and cafe of the little prince. Keep the wearer of this special place.

Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

On Carmel Street in Tel Aviv there is a market that has everything. Flavors and smells, modern restaurants and authentic food, colorful peddlers and goods that are nowhere else in the world. The air has its own atmosphere and every minute in the market is traveling at a different time.
Among the market stalls you will find Tel Aviv of yesteryear, people of old times and lots of good things. Bring a little money and an empty stomach.

The Nahalat Binyamin Artists Market

The Nahalat Binyamin Artists Market is responsible for quite a few beautiful houses in Israel and lots of gestures of love and romance that are cooked at the artists’ tables, displaying special items that they created themselves. Between the shops of fabrics and the historical buildings we spend two hours relaxing in a good cafe where there is an empty chair

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