israel desert experience travel guide

israel desert experience travel guide

The desert in Israel is the subject of quite a few romantic songs and history that is deeply rooted in the Israeli narrative since the biblical days that created the Israeli desert experience

israel desert experience begins in the unique atmosphere of the Israeli desert.

In this article a special hike to yeruham lake tracks around yeruham lake for another moment of breathtaking words.

Desert trips were once the lot of crazy people. Today distances are shortened and every point in the desert leads a wide road. This week we went for a walk in the desert that stretches between Be’er Sheva and the quiet yeruham and we returned with a hike route at Yeruham Lake and a few other grace points.

israel desert experience travel guide

israel desert experience travel guide

Trips near Yeruham Lake Negev 

A half hour drive from Be’er Sheva, after passing a spectacular desert road that exposes the Bedouin settlement against the backdrop of tin shacks and dreams,

in the way we will pass on the left side the Mount of Pebbles and the impressive environmental sculpture that protects the Negev from the many chemical plants.

The vast road does not reveal the stormy historical past of the Beersheba yeruham road that was conquered in Operation Uvda in the War of Independence and then stormed after the establishment of the state with the founding of yeruham.

The entrance to Yeruham Lake is at the entrance to Yeruham. Turn right to Yeruham Park and turn right into a peaceful and welcoming town. On Saturday, the streets are deserted and the last point for the equipment is at the Sonol station. Do not build on restaurants or fast food, just bring it from home.
Before entering, it is recommended to enter a small car ride in Yeruham and on weekdays to enter a good meal in one of the local restaurants.

Lake Yeruham was established in the 1950s by constructing a dam to stop floodwater, and it was only in the 1980s that the site began to look like a human being. If you will, it is a desert wonder. Water lives in warm countries.

Let’s hope only that problems such as flooding in 2008 and the entry of alluvial people will no longer be repeated themselves and will continue to be a central ecological point in the region.

What can you do at yeruham free entry

A tour around Lake Yeruham – watching the flora and fauna with a little luck you will encounter a fox but it is likely that you will meet the finality of the lakes and the thighs
hotels Yeruham – Yeruham operates a guest hotel called the Desert Iris and for walks on the trip it provides an excellent solution including a swimming pool
Fisherman in Lake Yeruham – In the past the carp aspired to be caught in a hook but they disappeared from the person in recent years and a good fish can be caught at any good restaurant in the area

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