What to do while flying do on a plane to pass time

What to do while flying things to do on a plane to pass time

We plan a vacation or a business trip and the time schedule of each day comes to fruition. When you close all the little questions at the end you realize that there is also a flight that needs to be passed. A short flight of an hour or a long flight of over 10 hours.

What to do while flying How do we pass the time?

First of all it is important to plan what is done during the flight. If it’s a short flight, it’s enough to take out the laptop and go through the presentation to work, or handle some annoying emails that have rejected “a more appropriate time.” You can read a book to hear some music and the flight has already passed.

On long flights, the organization is a little longer, but with creativity and optimism, we will also pass easily

It is important to have a comfortable neck pillow, good headphones and a jacket or a sweater against the cool temperature in the cabin.

Loading your favorite movies on your tablet or the new ones will ensure a lot of hours of fun so that

Reading a book or hearing a recorded book.

If there is a WIFI in flight and the price seems reasonable, there will be Entertainment for many hours.

Do not forget to drink enough water and get up and walk around every few hours.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you can download movies or programs in advance to your smartphone or tablet and watch later even if there is no wifi on your flight.

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