Wachau Valley A day trip from Vienna to the Wachau Valley  

Wachau Valley A day trip from Vienna to the Wachau Valley

In a green valley between villages and fields lie magical towns like fairy tales. The valley is only an hour’s drive from the center of Vienna and is a tourist attraction for a day trip to Vienna.

The Wachau Valley stretches over 40 kilometers along the Danube and takes a long drive between enchanting towns, local wineries to the peak of the trip. Stift Melk visit the town of Melk. On the way we will pass through the town of Krems, where we will take an hour’s walk along the Old City.

A day trip from Vienna to the Wachau Valley is a pure delight of senses, amazing sights and fascinating history. The following is a recommended route for a trip.

Wachau Valley A day trip from Vienna to Wachau Valley

9:00 Departure by rented car from Vienna to the town of Krems

10:00 Parking in the center of Krems and walking in the magical and historic pedestrian street of the town.

Behind the main street are vegetable stalls where local farmers sell goods that have grown and the eye attracts the amazing fruits.

You can also combine sitting in one of the charming cafes of the pedestrian mall, ordering excellent coffee and a homemade Viennese strudel.

tourist must purchase a parking ticket for 1 euro for 2 hours. Available at the charming Liquor store at the beginning of the pedestrian mall

We will conclude our visit to Cremas and continue on to the town of Dürnstein

12:00 Driving by car towards the town of Dürnstein where Richard the Lionheart was held in one of the wars.

At the entrance to the town of Dromantin there is a parking lot at a reduced price from which we will take a walk through the picturesque alleyways and take a walk along the enchanting Danube coasts.

* take a bathing suit and take a dip with the tourists and locals.

We will end the tour in the town of Dürnstein and continue to the impressive Melk monastery

The Valley of Wachau day trip guide in history post 

14:00 A trip to the municipality of Melk and a visit to Melk Monastery. The drive along the Danube exposes a traveler to the possibility of stopping at wineries .

along the road and in small towns full of charm and beauty that has not yet been hit by the rapid development in Europe since World War II.

14:00 Arrive at Melk Monastery, drive to the top of the mountain where there is a monastery that seems to have been placed in place by a talented painter.

The sight of the monastery painted orange is seen from a distance and takes about two hours between art collections, religious items and paintings in the huge canals of the impressive Benedictine monastery overlooking the valley.

16:00 At the end of the visit at Stift Melk you can go down with the car and walk the streets of MELK

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