evil genius netflix new series 2018 difficult and surprising

EVIL GENIUS netflix new series 2018

netflix new series 2018 Makes you want to find another name for this kind of genius ! evil genius netflix

evil genius netflix new series 2018

evil genius netflix new series 2018 sh from gmail

Not the genius you remember from your class

The world is full of geniuses of various kinds.

The evil genius is evil evil genius. The startling story begins with the strange death of a pizza deliveryman.

Although this is a crime involving convicted persons, the details of this crime are not yet clear.

pizza deliveryman who robs a bank with a bomb around his neck and ends with a collection of surprises in the story in every episode.

the vicious genius surprises the viewer and illuminates a dark part of the Human soul.

extent the evil genius series in Netflix is – wait for the last chapter and do not blink!

Program Summary: Highly recommended! Especially for documentary fans
name of the Netflix series  : Evil Genius
category: TV Shows About Crime

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