lviv ukraine travel guide

lviv ukraine travel guide

lviv ukraine travel guide !The city of LVIV, the capital of the Galicia region, is a true pearl of tourism waiting for the independent tourist.

A few days’ stay in the city will give you pleasure and experience that is made up of culture, excellent local food, traditional markets and fascinating museums on various subjects.

museums lviv ukraine

There are about 20 museums in the city. Most of them are very modest but have breathtaking exhibits. Perhaps mainly that the city itself is a living and breathing museum.

Museum of Ethnography and Crafts

Address, Svobody Ave, 15, L’viv, Львівська L’viv (opposite the Opera House)
Entrance price 20 hryvnia NIS 3 per person Orange card + 10 hryvnia per person For the right to take pictures (blue card)

A fascinating history through amazing and breathtaking exhibits.

On the entrance floors, impressive objects of the high society and the royal houses of laviv

Museum of Ethnography and Crafts

Museum of Ethnography and Crafts hp ©

The Museum of Pharmaceuticals in Lviv

Address Stavropihiiska Street, 3, L’viv
Admission price 20 hryvnia per person

history of medicine and pharmacies since the last century is scattered with the pharmacist’s tools and drug mixtures of the past.

A simple, modest, inspiring and reverent museum for practitioners.

Places of interest near the L’viv museum – the glass museum is right in front of it! It is highly recommended to combine a visit with it.

The Museum of Pharmaceuticals in Lviv

The Museum Pharmaceuticals Lviv hp ©

 Lviv Arsenal Museum

Address Pidvalna vul. 5, Lviv 79008
Price entry 20 hryvnia

What is featured in the Lviv Weapon Museum

Contemporary solidarity is integrated into military history and Ukrainian wetting through weapons from the history of Ukraine.

The museum is built of 2 huge halls reminiscent of the military Carcastine.

The museum exhibits ancient weapons including swords, shields, smears, helmets, paints of historic battles with murals alongside pictures of the Ukrainian People’s Army.

 lviva arsenal museum

lviva arsenal museum hp ©

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lviv ukraine travel guide tips

When planning a day trip between attractions in Lviv it is advisable to use a Google map.

It is advisable to plan the route by walking.

The city center is easy and easy to walk to. It is recommended to start the trip from the impressive Opera House and from there go another 100 meters and start the tour of the Ethnographic Museum

lviv ukraine travel guide the opera

lviv ukraine travel guide the opera   hp ©


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