The Handmaid’s tale Margaret Atwood series vs book

The Handmaid’s tale Margaret Atwood series vs book

The Handmaid’s tale Margaret Atwood compares the series to the book the handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood.

The difference between the book and the story of Handmaid’s Season 2 and how the book ends versus the series .

What happened at the end to the state of gilead

We checked how far the story of a slave in season 2 is moving away from the book’s handmaid’s tale written by the Canadian writer.

The Handmaid's tale Margaret Atwood series vs book

The Handmaid’s tale Margaret Atwood series vs book ps from youtube

the handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood

I admire her creations. So I’m not objective

She is a poet, she is a writer, she is a social activist, but most of all is identified Atwood.

The first season of Handmaid’s is clearly based on the book Atwood published in 1985.

It was written far from the technological world of today.

the second season is already moving away from the book.

it adds to the literary multiplicity, development of the plot and the characters.

There are those who attribute the roots of the idea to a book by Handmaid’s to the Canterbury stories,

Collection of Poems are considered an unfinished masterpiece of the 14th-century Geoffrey Zoser on the verge of medieval twilight.

Season 2 is getting away from the book

The fate of Handmaid’s is unknown and the narrator, using the characters, estimates that she fled to Canada

In the second season Nick tries (?) To help the slave escape, just like in the book.

But in the second season we already know in episode 4 season 2 that the slave of the state of gilead failed.

The book tells us that the state of gilead has ceased to exist.

In the series we see the Colonies in the second season. In the book there is no mention of the visit Colonies or the fate of the mother of June is the slave at the center of the book.

The second season produced by Hulu is one of the best shows on the TV screen.

Professor Pieixoto, is not mentioned so far in the series.

Not in the framework of the story of Slave Season 1 and not in the framework of the second season.

In 1990 a film was released according to the book.

Snapshots in parts of it make the urge to see it fully and give a photographic explanation of what a good job the creators of the current series have done.

Now that we know that the third season .

the content of the series should stay away from the book even more.

So if you are now reading this post.

think about the state of gilead handmaid’s tale and if they are just now plotting a new plot, please finish reading Good Thoughts.

At the end of the book, the State of Gilad ceases to exist and on its ruins a state of all its citizens was established.

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