curse of oak island season 6 Update

curse of oak island season 6 Update

curse of oak island season 6  in historypost Many readers send us questions about the treasure of the cursed island. Then probably the sixth season of the Curse Island Treasure will return to us (1) towards the end of 2018.

This season, if you go into the air should give a clear answer.

Is there a Treasure Island or just chasing the wind? Of course I prefer the first answer.

Years of interest in the treasury of the cursed island can not leave me with a negative answer.

curse of oak island season 6

curse of oak island season 6 youtube

World at the Button  oak island season 7

After the curse of oak island season 6 ended with no surprising surprises or discoveries. Season 7 begins on the History Channel and the first episodes have already revealed a connection between the egg and MONEY PIT.

In the first episodes of season 7, the first echo of the season was also recorded when it was proven that there was probably no Spanish ship at the bottom of the swamp. On the other hand the lagina brothers receive further proof of Fred Nolen’s theory that the egg is not man-made

Still the big discoveries in each episode reveal, how not, Gary Drayton. This time it’s a coat button. The wearer of the coat was probably a man of high rank, in the years before the discovery of the silver pit. Which is to say, perhaps those with high-profile divisions who came to the island to oversee the treasures they hid.

curse of oak island season 6 ?

A reader sent us a question: What happens if the program continues? The cursed island Has they continued searching and found a treasure or the search has stopped

Well, the answer is not unequivocal.

Web sites covering the most fascinating series on the History Channel claim that the series will continue for the sixth season.

This is an excellent news that the fifth season of the Damned Island Treasure has ended, seemingly in an ambivalent way.

On the one hand, the team discovered two significant finds – the cross and the red stone. On the other hand, the money pit has not yet surrendered and it continues to keep its secrets.

Above all this is the spirit of the staff of the fifth season of The Curse of Oak Island who seem determined to discover the truth.

Watch the rare video shot in 2021 – MAJOR DISCOVERY on the Stone Pathway Oak Island 

The Curse of the Island

The Monsters and Critics website reports that the sixth season is likely to return to the history channel by the end of 2018.

It is important to remember that filming such a document requires considerable resources. Apart from the team that does excellent work, these are large-scale resources.

The excavation equipment on the island costs tens of thousands of dollars a day, employing specialists in various fields and time spent by the cursed island staff.

All these require a great deal of thought and financial planning. before embarking on a new season on the Oaks, a season we all wait for.

Treasure hunting in the world is an expensive business!

The equipment required to locate treasures, which sometimes includes complex excavation equipment, the employment of galleys and excavation experts with expensive mining equipment, complicates and projects such projects.

naw days are screened in the History Channel series and another Treasures are recommended with the participation of Marty Lagina, the younger brother of the Lagina House and the Legend of Oak Island – Rick Lagina.

In The Curse of Civil War Gold, the accursed Golden Age of the Civil War, an American team is looking for the lost gold of the American Federation.

A huge gold treasure that disappeared at the end of the American Civil War

Kevin Dijkstra is a treasure hunter and his team has spent seven years of research on the issue raising funding for the lagina matrices.

Kevin and his team go out to search for the lost gold of the Southern Federation.

The gold that disappeared at the end of the war is supposed to be at the bottom of a lake in Michigan, according to a death guard confidante’s admission in the 1890s.


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